Well the title sounds rather like one of my summer expeditions, albeit mostly fairly local, hunting for birds to photograph or film?

It is not.

I swapped the words around but have spent several hours dealing with a quite uncomfortable pain in the area where you get heartburn. Only despite getting that a lot due to my oesophagitis this is not heartburn. In fact the only way I could describe it is like I have swallowed a jagged rock and it is over two inches and stuck in the area you normally get heartburn.

I have had symptoms like this before but never like they are tonight. I could not help wondering if it was one of the pills I took tonight or I am doing the wrong thing taking two pills together at night, as I have read somewhere you are supposed to avoid taking then together. It is sertraline and Amitriptyline I think? Anyway the pills I took tonight are…

Sertraline 100mg
Amitriptyline 25mg
Gabapentin 400mg

Then took some Gaviscone when I started to feel the pain but it only got worse.

It has petered out a little thank god but still affecting me right now. As I returned to my bed fur the first time in a couple of hours I sat down on my bed and as I tried to lay back the broken floating rib caused me a really sharp pain and I heard myself say out loud “my God , this is no way to live!!”

I got so fed up that I forced myself to throw up several times to try and release any pressure but it’s effectiveness was only marginal. Made it bearable enough to return to the bed after around the eighth vomit, lol.

Well it is the third night in a row my amount of sleep had been dreadful, though admittedly I got a lot more last night, woke up midday, than I did the night that preceded it and tonight!

It is currently 4.46am and now I am thinking I will just quickly run through my news apps to see if there is anything I can just quickly write some posts about while I wait for this… thing to die down enough for me to start to want to sleep?

Hmm maybe I have indigestion? Though I have suffered with bad heartburn for years, indigestion is not something I get. Of late my medication had been oesomeprazole and lanzoprozole. Only because omeprazole is expensive so they tell me. Hmm or was those two drugs the other way around?

Now let me flick through the reports.


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