Well it seems I am not the only one not happy with the American government. Only that with them is to do with trade negotiations going on currently.

Yeah to be fair to myself I have blasted off about that on a few occasions.

It seems that as shown in the link below quite a few demonstrations went on throughout Europe and even in the UK?! Funny how something that is important to many is not covered in the TV News! Odd how one tabloid covered the mini tornado but omitted this bit of news? Especially as these trade negotiations are going on in secret. I seem to recall stating that these trade agreements are nothing more than agreeing to a pile of crap… I mean faulty returned goods that they will then flog to us naive Brits at the full price, if it’s Argos or PC World, or even higher and then with interest on top of it is Very Catalogue of Littlewoods? Do not forget the I insurance they know damn well you will need because the piece of shit that they paid £40 for that they wanted you to pay £400 for will go wrong. In my case before I removed it from its damaged and tatty box.

So yeah good to see that people are now actively demanding to know about these trade deals but I wonder if they realise the… size of the problem? I hope so but I doubt it. TTIP is the organisation that is the focus of this particular trade deal. Tells you in the link before what the acronym stands for. I image ‘trade’ is one of the letter ‘T’s. Lol.

Concerns rise over US-EU trade talks


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