You simply cannot take anything away from Malala, she really is an extensive likeable character and seems to become more so over time.

Now she has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations to her she fully deserves it.

Oddly, despite all the opnions given to me by professional and intelligent people that I would get a title, like MBE/OBE, and an award they never crossed my mind. Especially after what I have been hearing and reading of late! No titles never occurred to me and indeed I laughed when my dentist said he was sure this would occur.

The Nobel Peace Prize did occur to me as a possibly mind but then there are many people, though not enough, doing good things… no great things. A fair few have been reported about and I dare say there are many, many more that have yet to be recognised for their endeavours?

I find that quite bizarre when the actions of someone may have saved the lives of loved ones close to the people refusing to take notice and report!

The mind boggles.

Laureate Malala urges child rights


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