Well now you learn something new all the time… this time is that there is no register for stalkers which in all honesty I fond completely baffling and utterly reprehensible.

I guess Tony Blair was too busy fgetting public services to shaft innocent people several times a day to make him and the government look good to worry about doing anything that genuinely helps the British public?!

Anyway I was sent this petition to sign, ooh do I get a lot of these sent to me showing just how fecked up the UK is! It is one of those that really needs the backing from people that do have a high moral fibre and not amoral half-wits that seem to think that going it alone is better than being part of a larger collective.

So I do not think I have to say something like ‘if you would be so kind as to…’? I am sure that the readers and visitors on here, whether you wrongly disagree with me or not, will know what to do? Lol!

I should add that there are socities and help groups specific to stalking to help those that have been affected by one. I know because I have spoken with them!!

Yes I have been stalked by a nutter and likely still am! That information and likely with the website address is all on this blog! Another example of something else I became embroiled with and where the Police did feck all!

See how that works? I have written on here consistently for two years about the things I was involved with, with the Police. A large portion of that was involving Merseyside Police and them lying to me consistently, all recorded which was several times too! I knew there was other…things I was involved with when it came around to the Metropolitan Police but only remembered a few things.

Attacked by the Bailiffs

Defrauded by the Bailiffs

Grand scale fraud by the Bailiffs, Debt Company and Waltham Forest Council

Harrassment (separate from above three)

Of course attempted burglary has now been added to that list.

The link for the petition to start up a stalker’s register…


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