I have an email from Atos that has made it clear that as expected is the last email from them.

For the fourth time she has made no comments to either the complaints I put to them highlighted in bold font and not has she made any remarks to the deliberate mistakes I pointed out in the last email I received from her.

Forgetting the fact that I am not travelling in pain with a risk of several embarrassing things taking place or the risk of me thumping someone selfish and rude, as there are a great many out there, there remains the problem that…

For each and every time I have contacted them over the last ten years I have consistently told them I have insomnia. Which now tallies up, as do the other dozen symptoms I told Atos/DWP about, with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia but they have consistently made appointments for around 9am?!

This was a deliberate move on my part as I knew they were doing this quite deliberately. From the moment I told them about the Insomnia they knew that making appointments for the morning and several bus rides away was never going to happen.

Well it was never going to happen anyway but they did not know that. They never knew this at ask in the last five years since they unfairly cancelled my Disability Living Allowance even though the number of symptoms had increased a considerable amount since I was first awarded DLA around 2006. In fact it’s a great deal worse than you might think because in 2006 they disregarded all my ailments and awarded it on just one. This was a symptom of Fibromyalgia but this was only discovered, by my own research and manipulation of NHS staff obviously keeping the diagnosis from me, 7.5 years later. Then confirmed a few months later at Guy’s Hospital along with the shocking/painful revelation that my right knee was a separate and physical defect. Still not listened to the tape to find out what that Doctor stated my knee condition is.

As due my right knee my money is still on Torn Meniscus because three GPs back both my GP at the time and her locum both diagnosed this without knowing the other had also done so. So it’s not my diagnosis but two that were made four years ago. I have a GP letter from four years ago stating I have a right knee problem!

There are a couple of things I have quite deliberately left out. I can now tell you what one is but the other had gone… ooooh!

Right OK back to the ooh on the following point but just to nail it home once and for all as far as the Department of Work and Pensions and Atos Healthcare are concerned and their deliberate lying and/or incompetence is concerned..

The GP that diagnosed the Torn Meniscus and was concerned about ask my other symptoms, including vomiting and about of time my Oesophagitis had persisted? Well this was the GP that did tell Atos and the DWP about my conditions and filled in and sent in a form.

You know? This is just two documents of a pile of them that have now gone missing at both the DWP and Atos and is yet another fact put to that Atos woman she failed to comment on!

On this blog is a DWP letter to me which I showed to the GP at the time, he went mad and called them liars, when it stated that I was turned down for my DLA fire like the third time since listing it because “the GP filled in the form wrong”! When she explained this was a pack of lies she stated that in the event that a form is filled out wrong it has been standard practice for years that the DWP/DLA send the form straight back to the GP Surgery. In fact she raised an eyebrow to this being an excuse to turn me down. I smiled and reassured her that I was well aware it was lies and that I fully expected this, it was what I had previously had, lies, and that I was going to get this several more times over the next couple of years, cataloguing everything as I went.

Oh dear! Should try reading more sid they not and getting this to carry out the corruption with some intelligence? But then if they employed anyone too intelligent, despite the patronising tone, they would have realised they were being used as morons to take the fall for the corruption. Hmm I think I have a theory and a simple one to stop this from ever happening in the future?

I imagine you might want to read the email reply?

I warn you there is nothing contained within it. Expecting some sort of remark about the points I raised? Uh-uh!

But before I do paste it I will tell you this…

Now remember I am also accusing the NHS and just about every level of it being corrupt and helping the DWP? Well I have been contacted by Which? Magazine again and the first time was about Unmuting complaints about the UK’s public services. Only I contacted them and have them the heads up about how it all works and the address of my blog. Now they have a campaign going on to do primarily with the NHS this time about things they have been hearing have been going on and that no complaints procedure exists and what does is… well crap!

Sound familiar? This that have visited this blog long enough will probably be aware that I contacted the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman two years ago and they have been giving me the run around every since and every time I go though one procedure they tell me to they then suddenly discover another path I need to take before they deal with my complaint! I contacted the PHSO prior to being lied to by a GP who then proceeded to show his incompetence by working his way through a list of possible false allegations. That was two years ago and I had contacted the PHSO long before this too regarding being fobbed off by the Orthopaedics Department using a lie once again. I did so precis to that over something I have now forgotten.

Well you see regardless of who I contact, like Which Magazine or campaign groups, or what the subject is on they will then come on here and see all the other things I have done. They may come on for the nhs but then realise that there are between two, half a dozen of two dozen of the Police, Local Councils, the DWP/DLA/PIPS/ESA, Atos Healthcare, HMRC, CSA along with almost all the Ombudsman and a few other organisations.

There is nothing better than eye widening perspective backed up by a mountain of documents, recorded audio/video, emails and screen shots.

Oh I digress. I was meant to move into another little detail I deliberately held back? Yes well now ask yourself if I have the right to be angry when i’m refused help when liars are paid several times what I am refused?

Remember I am being lied to and know it while they lie to the rest of the British Public about everyone being in it together and equally? Well his they work that out when people are not exactly rolling in it beige hand and then lost 60 to 70 percent of their financial support. So did everyone with mental health issues. At the bottom end of the pay scale this is. Now show me where those at the top have been cut back by the same amount?! You can’t and in fact it had been bought up several times about then getting a pay rise of more than that they took away from disabled people!


I digress again. I keep forgetting. That’s my trouble I just keep forgetting! Many things I do and many arguments I make had reasons staring then in the face. Something I have done for years not realising is an actual symptom. I have the symptom previously but stated that this was down to the amount of pain I experienced because this is what a long list of bad Doctors told me and they were wrong!


Now even if I was in a position to be able to get to a job and that I would actually be better off, impossible without DLA, who is going to take on a 45 year old who can vomit without warning, come in his late most days, forget things up to a dozen times a day and not turn up for several days to several weeks every Spring, Autumn and during periods of very hot weather? Then punch someone’s lights out due to the stress of the pain and unpredictable embarrassing moments!

Yes that’s gonna work out just fine for everyone! Oh yes but you have to do what they all do in the public services… lie… until you vomit all over your bosses lunch time fish and chips and have some explaining to do or misplaced a large about of money, car or something else important or expensive?

Then while I am doing all this who gets my shopping because I would not be able to bring back anything?!

This is why it is called a fecking disability you pathetic excuses for human beings! Sorry I mean politicians along with those ultimately responsible for this inhuman way of life just to make money on other people’s misery, pain or misfortune. No wonder they do not like Obamacare! Have to come here to a country where that money making model just does not work.

So have you decided whether they are lying and taking your taxes as large salaries or just plain incompetent and taking your taxes… fraudulently? Lol.

Oh dear. Hmm now I know I must have forgotten several other points…


EDIT: Oops I forgot to paste that email in! Go figure! It also seems my reputation precedes me locally. Just had a knock at the door from Enfield Council about not being on the electoral register. I stated I was not going on it, as I have not been on it for 5 years now, and she said ‘yeah I expected you would say that’.


Dear Mr Haswell

I have nothing further to add to what has already been stated.

As requested, I have forwarded your email to the DWP


Christine END EMAIL

Yes that is how its displayed in my hotmail! A little difficulty typing out emails and getting the formatting right. But then Google have the same issues so I can hardly poke fun now can I?

I did answer with two short sentences, just for the record…


Dear Christine

No, I bet you don’t either. I wonder why that is?
Martin Haswell BSc

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