Some months ago I think I broke my first ever bone, in my family too, saving a fledgling Wood Piegeon from drowning. Last night I was awake all night with aq really bad case of the bombays only this time it went on all night and I was in pain.

In fact I was squeezing my stomoch and chest so hard that there was a snapping sound and I yelled out as I am pretty sure I rebroke my floating rib?!

I keep forgetting I did it and end up touching it or rubbing against it befoire wincing hard.

Anyhoo, that just happened as I was noticing something while working on my blogs and putting in all the tags that Google’s extremely bad Blogger App, well either that or it is their extremely bad Android, loses all the tags, sorry labels, I set. Really have a hard time of it with my health lately and even my back has played up over half a dozen times in just two weeks!

Sometimes I just stop and think ‘Jesus, when will it all end?!’

Hmm, oh yes sorry I digress. I had forgotten for a moment what the point of this post was! Lol!

I was looking back at the posts of the last few weeks, I think they were, when I noticed something in the number of visitors. Now you have to remember that these are very recent posts when you look at the number of people viewing them. Also it takes months for them to build up to impressive numbers and I get emails and comments from blog posts that have been live over 6 months and as long as a whole year.

Now if you look very carefully at the numbers you can sometimes see a pattern start to emerge. No, not you me! Lol! No on this occasion the pattern stands out like the proverbial cheery on a Bakewell Tart. Trust me that when you look and even though I have highlighted these with red arrows I need not have bothered.

What you will see from the screenshots below is an obious pattern. The first is from slightly older posts, all in recent weeks, and the latter screenshot of very recent posts…

Oh crap, yes you need to factor in what I was doing with these posts for me to notice this pattern, I was putting in the TAGS because Google’s Blogger App has been successfully losing them for months. Or in other words right up until I started this post (now 12:28 09/10/14) they have NOT been searchable within a search engine.

So the numbers should be even more significant.

I post about different things each time I do. This may well be someone I am directly battling with or something I have read about in a newspaper, seen on the TV News or been told about by others. Normally because as I have read it what it says and what my brain deduces are very different things indeed.

Now I have noticed for some time now that a particular subject seems to attract the most viewers almost immediately, I can now prove with these two screenshots with numbers of viewers to posts that are not searchable. Hmm yes, impressive I know! But you might ask yourselves why I would do this and of course it is to get a message across, the same as it always is.

A message to all and an example to all viewers that come here. The fact it would scare the crap out of those organisations that make up the subject matters I am going to list is merely a bonus, of course! Lol.




The three I otherwise refer to as the Unholy Trinity.

Note in the screenshots how the number of viewers to these subjects spikes a great deal higher than all the others despite the fact that none of them had searchable tags until mere moments prior to capturing the screenshots.

Also remember that this blog is now well over two years old and that there are well over 2,500 posts, yeah read them and weep, and that you could only guess out how many are aware of what has been going on and for how long too!




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