Sometimes I read something and what is obvious to me his me like the proverbial brick. On some occasions this can be several things.

This time around it is the subject of the Ebola Virus… again.

That African man, the one that was supposed to have lied to his own authorities so he could enter the US but told the hospital staff in America he had been in Liberia. Funny how the truth comes out when your life is at stake.

Well he died which he may not have done had he stayed in Liberia, or wherever he came from, as he may have gotten the drug earlier and saved his life?

This leads me onto the issue that he was given this experimental drug to combat Ebola and despite the fact it seems to have worked previously… well he died.

I really do not know what people have going on in their heads sometimes when they make some of their decisions I really don’t. You reduce your chances of survival and endanger hundreds/thousands of others.

Then I read about some troops being sent out by both the US and the UK and thought they were talking about Iraq. No. They are going to Africa to help fight Ebola?

Help fight Ebola? With guns? Are they going to shoot them then? Maybe they will just search for them? Maybe laser target them for destruction? Being as the virus is extremely small maybe they will use those lasers you get on key rings instead of the ones the size of a suitcase?

So America is sending some 2,000 to 2,500 men and women out there with no knowledge, or very little, of medicine? Who will have to come back of course. The UK government are sending 500 I think, maybe 750? Can’t recall what it stated in the report.

Along with what exactly these troops will do out there, I am pretty sure I know what this is, your going to have the friends and families of all these troops living a nightmare until such a time that the Ebola spread had been stopped and they have returned home.

Its not the way to do what they intend to, but then the real reason is likely different to what the official line will be? All to keep things.. let’s say.. flowing for others?

I just hope they don’t do the wrong things for the wrong reasons but that they are doing them for the right things for the right reasons and it does not all go wrong?!

I hope you stayed with me there? That one kind of ran away from me.

Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong anywhere. At least the weather is cooling down in the northern hemisphere and perhaps it will get too cold for Ebola? After all it does seem to like the warmer climates.

Let’s hope we don’t find out I’m wrong!

Film directors around the world must be watching the TV News and thinking … ‘Oh my God! We have really been flattering these people for years!’

US Ebola patient dies in hospital


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