I thought about the title ‘The Ebola Buses’? Thought it was crap so went with an old well known title.

There send to be a lot of different focuses on the Ebola Virus what with that African man waltzing into America with it, then I heard that a nurse in Spain has contracted it and I thought I heard someone in France has it or was suspected of using contracted it? I could be wrong as some things do get… foggy, rather annoyingly.

Now there is this report about the UK not screening people and no plans to cut Ebola.

Anyone would think that someone somewhere wants it to spread further into other countries? Maybe this is a cheap way for dealing with all the problems at once when an outbreak suddenly reduces several populations by a significant amount?

Sounding like a rejected James Bond plot or that of a Batman script thus would reduce need for housing, carbon footprint, reduce pressure on food shortages… well in actual fact it has the potential to completely eliminate a long list of global problems overnight. Oh OK I was speaking metaphorically and in reality it would likely take a year or two. But the number of things it can eliminate in that short time it would almost seem to be overnight.

If you consider what has happened in several African countries and what had occurred in America, Spain and the UK’s attitude then you have to wonder a few things.

Which country will be next and..

If this has occurred in Spain, America and the with the UK’s naivety then what of all the other countries? Food for thought old chap, food for thought.

Or maybe the so called developed world is actually and rapidly disappearing up its own backside… sorry I mean slowly heading to the third world while those that are, or were there, are heading for the first world?

Just speculation really based on that contained in these news media reports.

Good God, I just had one of these visions like that from a scene from a disaster movie and it is queues of cars loaded with essentials and food they just cleaned out a shop for trying to head out of large cities because they are the only places with large numbers of stores! Lol. I laugh but it does indeed send a shiver down my spine at the thought that we could be mere months away from a possible scene line that?

No Ebola screening for UK arrivals


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