Of particular interest to me here is the link below to a BCC report stating that Twitter intend to sue the US government on the basis that it had not only broken the law but one that sits atop the list of amendments on that most famous of American documents… the bloody name of which I cannot recall!

Thank you very much Fibrofog!

Anyway, I find it astounding that the NHS have not respected their own laws and the most important document in their history! Indeed it is The document.

The Declaration of Independence! Came back eventually! Lol!

This is of course the subject of spying on… well everyone and the fact they force companies, like Twitter, to hand over information while tieing their hands behind their backs and gagging then too.

In fact this is exacting what a previous Doctor stated to me that the NHS was doing to General Practitioners. Funny then that the rumour mill stated that the NHS was being run by American company Serco and if you check out their ‘About Us’ page they also seem to be running Local Councils, the Police and the Department of Work and Pensions. Not sure about Atos Healthcare and they claim to be British but have the HQ in Paris.

Twitter sues US government on spying


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