Right now let’s see?

I was clicking through my emails when I suddenly came across a recent one for Atos.

Now I am going to be honest here and state that when you know your being contacted by an organisation or public service, which means most of them as far as the latter is concerned, I tend to not want to read them.

I mean, who would?!

You know it’s going to be full of mistakes, that I actually knew were lies after awhile, and you have to ask yourself ‘what’s the point?’ Is really just a yes or no answer with some training thrown in. When the answer is no you know the rest is just same lame bullshit that someone challenged in the grey matter area comes up with. Probably had no idea so asked their 8 year old children to come up with? I mean it would be utterly hilarious if the decisions made were not destined to have such a traumatic effect on people’s lives. The basis of what they use to get away with the lying and cheating, including defrauding the taxpayer, is that they are trying to weed out the cheats. Which is likely alot less than 10% in reality?

So those that claim to be weeding out the tiny fraction of cheats actually themselves cheat to the extent that they render the cheats they claim to be catching as mere small fry in every sense of the word.
Did you follow that? Lmao!

This is in essence what I have attempted to convey all along. The extent to which I had to go to would be different for different people. Some would not take much convincing. Others would take a bit more while others would need one hell of a lot of convincing. That was inevitable.

I had to consider this for every public service/organisation I knew was cheating and lying to one degree or another. That was always going to be impossible to estimate. The simple answer would to to just keep going and the idea of the ‘magic roundabout’ came about. After one instance with one organisation I would move on to the next. This would allow the previous… institution to drop is guard by thinking I had vanished into an inky black night. By the time the roundabout vane back around again they would have forgotten the last incident?

Now of course if they had any clue at all his to use computers correctly other than ‘it says no’ there should have been no chance to do this.

Now back to this email… I am going to now quote a section I did not spot…

“Our records show that we have arranged appointments for
8/7/2008 @ 10.30
25/2/2012 @ 11.15
17/7/2012 @ 9.40
31/10/2012 @ 9.55
You failed to attend each of these appointments and as such, your referrals were closed and returned to the DWP office dealing with your claim.
There is no record of you contacting us to request a home visit or to advise us that the appointment times were unsuitable.”

Other than the fact it was incompetent formatted, something my Blogger App also has a habit of doing asking with losing my tags,  sorry they like to reinvent things I mean ‘labels’, when text and posting it is all it needs to do, it contains lies.

Note that they rather incompetent admit to the dates I had appointments for assessments, though not all? It then states that “There is no record of you contacting us to request a home visit our to advise them the appointment time were unsuitable”?!

Oh dear!

I suppose the three letters I have from them apologising for not arriving at my home with excuses very easily disproved, unless you rebuild my street, are ones that I faked? The ones that are published on here and have been for a fair old while now!

I always advised those that can see to download everything and sure it away. The British public are my back up! Lol!

Also remember that they have already lied and stated that they did not arrange an interview in August, 2014, the letter of which already on here asking with letter from the DWP asking me why!  I now have another letter asking me why! For the October 2nd appointment.

Also that which should be noted is that in all instances the same things occur? In regards to two appointments add this had happened before.

Now the other thing that occurs and happened whether or not I have applied for Disability Living Allowance, 3 times or more, and now Personal Independent Payments. The latter is the goal of successive governments to do away with helping disabled people with their lives. No matter which way you slice it this is wrong on a humanitarian level and a moral level. I am pretty sure it is also illegal, if not then why not, and this is in stark contrast to the fact that asylum seekers have had handouts for decades and if they do not then they have a solicitor and court costs paid for to be granted them.

Of course all those charged with and paid to do something about the things have all been made aware. Just as I did with the tabloids and news media.

I stated from the very beginning that you will see me try and fail in many of my endeavours. That incudes not only asking but also telling! No doubt that latter statement was completely missed by many, namely all of those I have attacked as well as informed.

So all things considered that is a huge list of… institutions. Just the public services alone is itself a lengthy list of big public services, I am sure you will agree. Then look at the tabloids list and the news media. Then consider the Ombudsman. Solicitors. Other action groups. At the end of all that and provided there are not some obscure little lists I have forgotten you can throw in half a dozen retail companies too.

Now consider that each one would employ many people and all have computers famously and primarily to store data.

What was my success all based on? One humongous, collective oversight!

One single man with no job, money and not greatly mobile either!

Oversights, that was it and that was all.

The funny thing is is not quite over yet! There are still some things to do and tie up and then there are the court cases of course.

Hmm court cases? Well there have been three thus far. There is one going on currently and one starting up about now. Then there is one other definite legal action. This are the ones I know about that are set in stone. Then there are three remaining possibilities.

Hmm let me fink?!

There are a possible five. I could be forgetting something?


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