Hmm this is not what you might think as far as the subject goes, no.

I am starting to think I have been poisoning, literally, myself somehow and despite having one or two suspicions I am not that sure as yet. I have, in point of fact, already bought this up with my current GP, though I did state I thought I knew what was behind it.

I told him along with my theory that Fibromyalgia is likely behind it but right now and after what must be more than 5 weeks I am not so sure.

This has tied me to my home a great deal and will soon become a pain in the proverbial places.

With other symptoms I experience from the several pains and right through to the short term memory loss my To-do lists are a nightmare much of the time. If I state that I have shopped on any given day while in pain and discomfort while not being able to bring back even 20%of what I need to then anyone should understand this. Factor in that I get home without the most important item I wanted and let the house for most of the time should show anyone just how hard and frustrating it is. Now imagine going days without being able to venture far from your home… Indeed even a particular room in your house and it should make anyone cringe?

Now imagine someone who is wired to want to be overactive and does not like being bored or confined to the home as the symptoms of Fibromyalgia can aggravate the depression or anxiety disorder symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Whenever I speak to anyone now and when referring to living with Fibromyalgia I simply say “Just trust me, it is truly a horrible nightmare of a condition! I would not wish this on the Devil himself!”

There are just so many factors it not only beggars belief it in fact did just that to others including those closest to you for a few years! If in my case and your a guy with it this can be alot longer. After all I asking did thirteen years and got told the wrong thing, and told them so to no avail, and many different diagnosis that were all wrong with many being lies to avoid the obvious condition.

Thirteen years and yet the symptoms in my medical records that have now officially and mysteriously disappeared from the filing cabinets and computer folders of the NHS, DWP and Atos after I kicked up a storm due a few years and then asked for them!

Now considering all that I have provided to each of them you could be forgiven for thinking that any one of them were supporting me in some way? Nope and quite the opposite is true and I am even getting this from departments that are WAY of the mark, like the CSA.

Now I know that just as I predicted, and tried to encourage in others on here, that much more will come to light now over the next 6 to 12 months, like that GP in Liverpool whose response to being told be a patient that they were suicidal over giving evidence in a rape trial that they should do it and look it up on the Internet!  The couple wanting that Beam Therapy for their son along with others.

Now you could also be forgiven for thinking that the News Media would be all over me and my data? Well I sent them what I had prior to starting this blog. So yes it’s possible that many stories came about due to my DVD sets sent out to them all? But maybe not and I still have not had so much as an email from them. Yeah I kind of expected this might happen as I have questioned things that both have and have no been reported on.

In an upcoming post later today or in next couple of days is something I stumbled upon by accident. In an ITV documentary, forgot to look at when this was done, they showed a film of what they claimed to be something to do with the IRA. I think a helicopter and some soldiers were in the film as I have not seen it myself. The big punchline?

It was a film taken from a video game called Arma 2!

I actually discovered this on the website of British magazine, though I suspect American owned of late, PC Gamer.

I was simply astounded and clicked on a few links the screen shots of which I will put up in the forthcoming post.  But more interestingly was the comments by people stating that we were being lied to by the media as per usual and you can’t trust them.

Yeah I got that one some time ago now but bloody great to see people are beginning to see now what is going on.

Still left with the problem that they think that simply ‘calling it’ is enough when it so clearly is not.

I did have something else to type but it’s gone! Darn it!

Anyway you still have the problems that they think they can do what they want? No! What am I saying?! They do know that they can do what they want! They have spent years planning for this and one of the biggest steps say removing Legal Aid.

Now when I say that I really do mean it like everything else I ever post but there is a series of things that have yet to be made clear. Why legal aid was taken down when the real problem was not dealt with and the kinds of pretty major and horrible things that have been allowed to occur because of this action and the previous inactions.

Yes it once again has to do with a series of court cases I cannot divulge information on. Not quite yet at any rate.

So there is now a very fascinating 6 months approaching! One court case should be finishing in next few months allowing me to talk. Another one starting up where justice will be served by way of a shovel. Many more shocking things will appear in the news as they start to realise they were wrong to ever think they could avoid certain… Stories. Anything else I may not have thought about as well as A General Election the Tories are getting increasingly concerned about and for good reason!

Meanwhile hopefully these current and distracting symptoms will finally go away as my major ‘To-D List’ days will be upon me in 48 hours or so?


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