Ladies and gentlemen I have something of a suprise.

As is iften the case this was yet another incident where someone I know started telling me I was wrong about this when I was not actually saying anything, lol. He tried to say I was stating that they had done something wrong when I simply said I was stating things in such a way that they could not deny it.

Well I have had a reply and it turns out that once again they were doing something major league wrong. It will cause a bit of a riot once the letters have been viewed, I anm speaking metaphorically of course but then you never know. Many a statement spoken in jest has become true.

Now before I go into this, because I am sure that due to the subject matter involved there is going to be a whole wave of people and have likely had one already coming here to read about this one. I have never covered it previously because quite simply I had never gotten around to it. It was always something that was going to be bought up in a court case.

Well they just signed their own death warrant … figuratively speaking… let us call it professional suicide … except like all of them they are not professionals in the public services, oh except for the fire brigae of course and St John’s Ambulance. Hmm probably others.

I digress.

So to recap and refresh …

I have to conditions classed as disabilities

These were ignored deliberately by the NHS

IN so doing I could be ignored by the DWP and then have a shed load of cash stolen from me.

I was attacked physically and defruaded out of £4,000 by bailiffs acting on behalf of one council who were given my address my my current council that now hold out their hands for Council Tax.

I told everyone in a court hearing twenty years ago that my daughter would have a horrific life. I told the courts this and that I refuse to pay any money because my daughter would never ever see a penny of this.

The first part of that last paragraph I grossly underestimated the dangers my daughter would face, who at 21 has had one court battle, currently has another court battle, has another about to start and then another for damages next year! Ergo … FECKING LENGTHY AS ALWAYS IS WITH THESE WANKERS!

I have missed out a fair amount but you follow my drift here hopefully … now are you ready for this?! Sitting down?


I quite literally could not tell you when it started but I seem to recall having a conversation about it with my grandmother when the CSA first told me they were taking it out of my benefits. She died when I was in my third and final year of a BSc Single Honours Degree from Middlesex University, who also shafted me up the arse!

I got my degree in 2000, early 2001 to be precise as I deferred due to Grandmother’s death.


I had a letter and I posted it up recently of the Child Support Agency writing me a letter stating that I needed to make a ‘new arraqngement because CSA is changing’.

I was honestly like “What the fuuuuuuuuuck?!” I simply had to read it again! Knowing them all as I do I immediately realised they had been taking money for the five years since my daughter turned 16, who had two children by thanks to these same fecking idiots who ignored my warnings.

Oh yeah and you probably read it iun the letters I sent to the DWP and CSA in that for her 18th Birthday my daughter got a Dime Bar, yes the chocolate bar, for her borthday! Its kind of why I get frustrated about the blog because I thought I could make some money to help but instead was misled and quite simply cheated and manipulated.

Well yesterday I got two letters, no not one but two, and both from the CSA. One atually had the wrong tone to use with someone like me and even stated they were going to look into it to see if I owe them any arrears?!

Yes you read that correctly.

The second one actually acknowledged the complaint, I ripped them a new arsehole and the letter I sent is on here, but insinuated they only took money from between sometime in 2013 until 2014…

Oh my apologies I read that wrongly and I am afraid it gets even worse for them as it turns oiut they are claiming that they ojnly took money from between 2003 to 2004 and that totalled £220.

And yet you can see quite clearly in the letter that it states that they have taken no money off me since January 2014?! That is probably why when I raced through it I read the 2003-4 as 2013-14? Not that it matters in this instance anyway.

The fact remains that by their own admittance they were taking money from me up until January 2014 and my daughter was 21 about a month later. Yes that reads twenty-one!

Absolutely incompetent …

Oh yeah and in case I forgot I have been ordered not to record my assessment with Atos! Good God these people really are slow and really fecking stupid! They really fail to see what I presented them with and I told them they wqere liars, lol.

Now they are themselves perusing this blog I will put the statement on here and see if they can work it all out for themselves without someone that possesses grey matter to join the dots up for them?!


“You have no idea how much I have wanted to record one of your assessments!”

Now I have referred long ago to the things I do. Being cryptic was not acceptable to me and I had to be more direct. In my endeavours I wanted to wave the answer right in front of their faces and if they failed to see this then they would look very, VERY incompetent so at the very least taxpayers would ask what the feck was happening to their money!

You could view this as a template for why the Scots wanted out of the UK.

Now I could never really put everything in one post, bugger me I could not do that in ten posts, even bloody long ones! So to see the rest of the lying, cheating, conspiring and fraud by Doctors, GPs, Specialists, the DWP, Atos (yes I do have them!), two Police Forces one which will be in court next year and no less then FOUR LOCAL COUNCILS you will have to use the search function or look up the Peculiar series where I try to condense all the evidence, documentations and audio recordings (ooh boy do I have recording after recording of lies, falsified tests and avoiding looking at parts of anatomy they were meant to) into posts one or two for each area.

Be warned I still have Local Councils and the Police to do yet. So if you cannot find these then it is because they are not up yet, sorry about that but they are coming I assure you of that. Hmm well I should point out that it is actually all on here, I just not have condensed them all down into their own posts yet.

Now ask yourself a question…where has all the money they was taking gone? My daughter has been refused her benefits for 6 weeks despite having two children and I have given her around £150 and will continue to do so whenever she needs it. Yet they have been taking money off me for her?!

Oh and remember I have placed a Freedom Of Information request to the DWP on everything they hold on me to do with the NHS and my health and that I had a phonecell form them stating they cannot find anything. Despite the fact that they have refused 5 applications in the last couple years! A Freedom of Information request must be answered and within a time frame. Once again for the third time a public service has broken the rules, you see my title up there? Yup that title?! LOL!

I am going to listen to the Guy’s Hospital Recording I put up here to find out what my knee condition is that they tried to say I have not got, despite the fact I can easily quote not just that but another Orthapaedic Surgeon as having spotted it but then convemiently forgot about it, yes Dr Saksena I never forgot about that! Quite unfortunately for you and do not worry your nopt alone as they lied about the ultrasound on both sides of my groin, yes lied TWICE. LMFAO!

Tip of the iceberg … tip of the iceberg.

So here are the Child Support Agency letters that arrived this morning …

Oh and I can tell you why there were two letters but I have a feeling that I do not need to, lol. After sending one off something got flagged almost immediately. Now whether my reputation precedes me now, Atos ordered me not to record them and I told them to shove that up their arse, or they heard of the blog and loked it up I have no idea.

Think of it like this, look what Southempton General Hospital and the Police did to that married couple? Now saying “I our hearts go out to you and we hope your son does well having that treatment we were too fucking inhuman to give you despite being paid hundreds of thousands in salaries and then lie and deny it would help then tried to faslely label you so we did not look guilty?” Yes that couple. Now think of what has occurred on these pages and then think about the following statement …#

This was just one incident where they got caught out and found out, now how many other cases like this do you think there might be? How many cases could you think there are that are far worse, no matter how hard it is to imagine, than what went on with that little boy and his parents?!

Now look at the letters …

CSA REPLY A 270914CSA REPLY A2 270914


CSA REPLY B 270914


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