Well in recent posts regarding the Scottish referendum I have stated a few times at my complete shock that David Cameron travelled up to Scotland. It was perky and simply a ludicrous attempt for a while range of reasons.

Now whether I mentioned this or not at the time I believed they were ordered to do this, based entirely in the fact David Cameron was there.

First of this is because the Scottish people do not like the Conservative… at all and that is an understatement. I told friends that his travelling to Scotland was quite bizarre because they would do far better in general elections if the Scots were not involved. Some I know did not quite agree or even understand this. Rather surprisingly this was only mentioned by the news media, even then only a guest about the next days tabloid stories, several days after the referendum voting was counted?! Now that is far more bizarre than UKIP accusing the Tories of deliberately recalling parliament on the day of their party conference. Especially when they already avoided Labours, I think I read?

Then there is this list that I read that was a run down of what Scotland produces, the percentages and other details. It certainly made it look as if the British Government was sucking the country dry?

Now I strongly believe and my mind cannot be changed that one or more were ordered to make appearances in Scotland. The very idea of the Tories holding public talks in Scotland is just completely insane. Yet they did!

I was pretty sure I knew who it was that requested they go up to Scotland and never actually thought that I would ever see or hear of a link to the person who did.

Well that was until David Cameron was recorded telling Michael Bloomberg that the Queen purred like a kitten when he told her the Scots voted no! To say I was stunned to hear this is an understatement I assure you. There is little chance that anything more concrete regarding this would come out. Personally it is obvious that the Queen would have an opinion and I have no oddities with this. Others may not be quite so happy if they have realised what I already suspected. I would not know the trains they would have but I am sure they would have them nevertheless.

Very bizarre times indeed of late it truly is.

PM apology to Queen for ‘purr’ claim


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