Well that was … predictable, all except for being late.

It seems in France the far left that for into power at the last election may be replaced by the far right?

Since I realised that France had, arguably, a greater problem with Muslims than we do, as far as community size in concerned.

Something was obvious to me for some time. That their behaviour and lack of action when it emerged that members of the Muslim faith had performed diabolical horrific acts, that a mistrust would grow.

Purely condemning the acts was not enough, I am sorry to say.

I suspected this for a very long time and that before long some perfect explanations can prove this.

I have known of one fur several years and I have often mentioned it. The other one came to me a couple of months ago. So much so that there exists legal documentary evidence of it. I am afraid that when this vines to light it won’t look too good for the UK either! But only those that get paid far too much and supposed to be governing this country!

I have referred to this little fact several times of late and stated it is a doozey!! It really is. But the fact is part of an legal process that as far as I know so far is still ongoing.

Once I get wind that it is not ongoing then I will explain it along with something else connected to it.

What will happen after reading these two things will be utter horror at the incompetence of so many industries in this country. It will show that not only have certain individual Muslims have taken the right royal piss but that this went … let’s say unnoticed … despite the number of people that appear to condemn horrific acts after they take place.

You will be asking yourself one thing … how could out possibly be that this oversight was never mentioned by anyone? Now I have my own theories to why this is but they are merely theories. If anyone wants to know the answer then I am not the one to ask.

They will be the ones to ask the obvious question once I declare the oversight! A great many of them in fact.

Also there is one other thing that remains to be seen; Is the UK the only nation to be clueless to my discovered facts? Is out Europe wide? I also cannot wait to see what Human Rights Groups say about this?! Because it seems the only human rights they are interested in are those of the people that would perform murderous acts. Will they feel stupid? Will they feel remorseful?

I would hazard a guess that we will know the answers before very long.

Especially if I decide to make a phone call!

French far-right ‘at gates of power’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-29101128


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