Well it’s over … for now.

There were some promises made regarding shifting more power to Scotland. Before I even had time to read about the promises made and post that others would not be happy in England, Wales and maybe Northern Ireland they reacted. They did not react well.

I hear there were Scots that did but take it well either.

As I stated before there could be the danger of Scotland splitting down the middle and becoming the next Ireland and the IRA?

However, despite the fact I thought the ‘Yes’ vote would win and despite my doubting much of Alex Salmond’s banter there is something I wanted to say..

Scotland is the most fantastic place I have never visited. Despite wanting to due may years I never have. I came within ten minutes of the border a year ago but never crossed it.

One day!

I also think that there is a chance that a lot of good can come of this. Provided they make good on their promises. If so it can be good locally for everyone? Well except for one small detail that is certainly a problem in a number of cases but if it’s the majority or all I have yet to find out.

Ooh this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I nodded off after that last paragraph. Well it was late.

Yes I was about to state that some good can cover from this. Perhaps now the way things are rib will change? Perhaps the government will realise that not only have they punished the innocent, poor, jobless, disabled and low paid workers long enough but they should never have done that in the first place.

Someone should really start up a petition on or some similar site. Maybe Which? Magazine can stay one up?

But then maybe it won’t be needed?

At the end of the day the undue stress has gone on long enough. At the same time it has done bugger all to change things for the better.

I just had a thought, if it is the poorest, lowest paid, jobless and disabled that have suffered most who are they planning to improve things for? Huh, not thought of it that way before. This that were responsible, already overpaid and suffer delusions of grandeur. Huh, well they are hardly going to learn from their mistakes are they?!

Now I see things that way the more I think of it the more the government and idiots running these things have it all backwards. Not that they would care anyway of course.

One thing I know is that the Scottish must have been peeved for quite some time including when Tony Blair was in power. I can’t see them feeling like they do just because of one term of office? Less than one term, just over 4 years in fact. Imagine they had the conservatives for another five years?! Lol.

The other thing I have always thought about the Tories and do not think I have ever mentioned it is that they are so outdated it’s not true.  In fact many of the political parties are but the Tories more so than the others.

Throughout history societies evolve. It has been this way for several millennia. In recent times societies have evolved ever faster. Technology, when not being deliberately held back by the also outdated military, had come along and this too had progressed ever faster, with the odd levelling out for a short period.

Just about everything in government and the public services is outdated, that had long since been my original beef with them before I realised little by little that each of them lie, cheat and scheme.

I believe that something … snapped somewhere with the Scottish referendum. I am not sure what our indeed how but something happened. The entire house of commons reacted in an unusually unified way.

I have seen one thing, a report, doing the rounds starting that Scotland is basically extremely wealthy in resources but poor because the rest of Britain robs them of it? I was under the impression it was the other way around but this could just be down to misleading media? Something I know about rather not than I would have liked!

I have covered this about the media previously and will be doing so again shortly, once I have posted the last two parts of ‘A Series of Peculiar Events’ err series. There might have been a third? I kind of for distracted by health issues and a couple of other things. Sorry about that.

Still the truth about that does not really matter, it was down to what the people wanted, though I think they had a lucky escape there as I was sure it was not the right time. Maybe in a few years when it looks like the financial crap is over? Maybe then they would have a much better plan going forward? My advice would be to learn from the mistakes made this time around and next time you will be successful.

If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again. As the saying goes.

Hopefully the British government and the political parties will realise this and grow some gonads? Maybe they will stop punishing those not only not responsible but do not have nor receive the amounts of money they need to heal the country.

Maybe I should send them all abacuses? After all they are utterly shit at IT! LOL!

In the meantime I would beg the Scottish to not take things out on each other. This was what worried me when it was obvious their plan was no not than an urge to segregate themselves from the English. Or just the government.

Some of us do bit like our government too and I for one have never voted in a General Election at all. Because I never really thought it would make much difference. They say a load of things but do the opposite.

As an example and as I have repeatedly rod people the Citizens Advice told David Cameron when he got in power that the DWP was treating disabled people unfairly. They would not assess someone with a series of ailments collectively. You could have six, sixteen or sixty ailments but these were not assessed together.

Do you know what David Cameron said?

Yes that is not fair and he said he will change this.

Do you know what happened?

I know your thinking ‘nothing’ right now but you would be wrong. It for even worse and it is common knowledge now, well it should be, c that they asked Doctors, nurses and General Practitioners to lie about patients. The NHS told Doctors, GPs and Specialists to lie too!

Now the bit I have difficulty with is how the government think that professionals that are totally willing to lie that can cause serious harm and suffering are worthy of the huge salaries?!

I have thought and I have starred fur a very long time that the UK has traveled far along a dark road whereby lying is encouraged. Makes you wonder what the point of prisons are?

I have been told by God knows how many people with disabilities or ailments that the DWP and Job Centres have told jobless people to lie about their ailments when going for jobs!

Now if I was the owner of a chain of stores I would not be very happy to discover this.

Corporations and governments that lie and encourage this fail to realise that this is not a world you want to create. Why? Because in any grand conspiracy where they are all up to no good not only can they not trust each other they are likely to stab each other in the back when the going gets rough.

This is the issue the country is faced with right now and it’s why everything is prolonged. The longer it goes on then the more that underhanded things come to light. Then the longer it takes before anyone can start trusting again.

Governments, public services, the health service, Police and the private sector primarily retail, as I have uncovered. With each week I find ever more people have discovered the truth. Before long they realise there is much more to discover too. Also ever more things appear in the media too, albeit extremely slowly like the public are being drip fed?

After all I am someone with some horrid ailments that limit severely what I can do. Yet I managed to do all the things I have and acquired mountains of evidence to boot. One guy, penniless almost and with limited ability and mobility. Yet I acquired alone all that I have posted on here and so have several times the amount of data I have not published and likely will not publish. Well someone else might take it off my hands and so their own thing but it won’t be me. Far too much for me to go through in all honest. It’s a bloody big job. That’s why I offered it to each of the biggest names in the news media. OK granted they did not receive any of the evidence I have acquired in the last two years but still … they should have at least got in contact. They did not.

So yes, Alex Salmond, it would not surprise me in the least if Scottish people for in contact with me and stated that the media was biased in their reporting. No not one bit!

It was obvious to me that I had to continue and get my evidence out there and continue in my evidence gathering.

Then eventually I would become a little difficult to ignore?! Lol.


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