Well is that not typical of the US?

At a recent G8, or whatever it was, meeting the US Treasury told European countries that they need to do more to boost demand and the economy.

Hands up all those that think they said this because they are not selling us as much crap as they would like as most of the electronic goods, not just electronics either, are refurbished. Added to this I know some came from America if not ask of them. Of course this may not be the UK that this is going on and could be Europe wide? I simply do not know.

If you could just imagine for a moment that it is then the drop in demand across Europe would not only be understandable but also not about to change any time soon.

I also think it hilarious that if it was the majority of goods coming from the US it make it a slap in the face that they are whinging because we are not buying enough of their crap.

Now down to the request they made. Forgetting that the American US Treasury are whinging fur a moment … how do you purpose to get people spending money they have bit got?! Dumb-arse!! Do they train to be so patronising towards other countries? I do have to wonder now how many countries they pissed off for talking down to them?

It also should be remembered that this is the country that was sitting on everyone to commit industrial espionage as well as get the jump on other companies regards buying out other firms!!

In my eyes it’s a double piss take!

In fact I am going to have to sit down over a night or three and trio to find evidence of the US actually helping anyone without getting something out of it?

Here is a suggestion to get the economy going, try dropping the prices of your refurbished electronics goods being sold as new for what they are actually worth?!

US calls for EU to ‘boost’ economy


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