I have something to come regarding a Freedom of Information Request I made concerning the NHS Documentation on me held at the DWP?

It seems they have gone missing and I completely forgot I made this request, go figure! So now you can see that I have had this run around done deliberately by the DWP and Atos and that they have turned me down for years based on documentation they do not have?!

No more like that I have requested all of that they have receieved from all the GPs I have had for the last 7 years which is across 4 separate surgeries. I suspected this information to be full of lies or altered and possibly even just ignored. Or in other words DAMING to all involved which is why I requested it.

Apparently a lady from the DWP told me on the phone that she was sorry, that they still have not receieved it and she will try again and send me a letter about it whether they get ahold of it or not!!

So that is now all of my NHS documentation gone missing, which includes my medical records?!?!

The plot is like treacle.

Here is an email I sent to ICE about the request and the fact that I have had to give my daughter money for food for months and found out that the CSA have been takling money from me for her?!


Dear Sirs

Loss of Documents for a FOI Request
For the record my daughter was born in Whipps Cross Hospital and lived all her life in the Wirral, to her dismay, and now resides in the Chester area I believe.
Due to the serious nature of the charges, accusations and the bodies involved her address is a closely guarded secret and I do not ask for it untiul I need the current one because its simply not wise to put things in emails and texts.
This is down to the GCHQ who I am not only well aware of but was asked to attend an interview with for employment a very long time ago. In fact I had another about a year ago and there is a reason I was asked to attend an interview. The invite card along with the stamp is freely available on my blog! You just type in what you want to view so GCHQ, MI5, Merseyside Police, Local Councils, NHS, DWP, Atos and … OMBUDSMEN. This will bring up the posts regarding every facet of the subject matter including all that which I have posted evidence of. The evidence published is likely only around 20%, if that, of what I have.
The evidence posted is simply more then enough.
I think its high time I contact you as well as the DWP ministers?
I look forwaed to seeing how you get out of the third reason in the subject matters above as it is law to answer FOI requests and within a given time.
Since you refused to act in a rather catastrophic way to my claims of corruption and being lied to by the DWP I have garnered much more evidence, you know like the evidence I gave you that you did not act upon aloig with the evidence I did not give you that was even more damning? Yes, that evidence!
Well just like I warned you I now know what my ailment is and it ios a real doozey!!
It is Fibromyalgia that causes 120 symptoms and of these the ones that are important are the p[ains in the feet, legs, hips, ankels, back, shoulders and other opdd places.
Better still is that when I attended Guy’s hospital to prove that which I had discovered myself they also discovered that I had a separate knee problem and I unexpectedly.
Ooh and I was literally just interrupted from typing this out because bloody months ago, likely before Christmas, I put in a Freedom Of Information Request, yes unfortunately for you all I really do know how things work, thatI failed to realise they have not responded over. The request was not for salaries and expenditures which I did request of them and yourselves at one point, but due to the NHS documentation on me.
I will reiterate that I have requested the documentation on me and it has failed to materialise!
I will reiterate that everyone is now fully aware that I have been recording them at every point at every meeting and every single appointment and even the tests and put these online. Yes this means the ones where it was admitted to me that they were lying and falsified test results. OOPS!
I will also point out that my blog was a huge trap to publishj everything I did and everything I said and to whom at every step of the way. This way not only did everyone read my explanations and letters of events that have gone on for twenty years they would also watch as I went through every single channel and therefore they witnessed and heard …
  • So called Independent bodies fail to act, lie, brush off complaints
  • Listen as Doctors, GPs, DWP Staff, Atos, Local Councils and Police aall lie and attempt a cover up for inaction
  • That as detailed below there are a sequence of legal battles one currently being heard, one already over with and two more to go over the next 12 months which will highlight everything involved and the solicitors so digusted that they are footing the costs to two of them knowing full well that a vast sum in damages will be a walk in the park and they can payu themselves out of this, NOT a NO WIN NO FEE solicitor!
Now I trust you can pull your fingers out of your backsides once you read that I provide below and realise that its only a fraction of a percent of what I have posted and accompanied with 100GB data long since online and I am still collecting ever more evidence as and when it occurs!
All because no one has the gonads to charge those responsible to get this country out of its mess and to the point that Scotland have had it up to their high teeth and want out!
That latter subject I also go into in depth on my blog!

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