I expected more of stories like this but not from the industry that the report in the link below speaks of!

Actor David Morrissey has stated his concerns that the acting world is now excluding people from working class backgrounds?!

Now you do not have to be an actor, not a genius to see that this will only harm the industry in the long run. At a time when it could do without it as currently it’s only the big money blockbusters that are making a profit currently, hence why there are so many of them and the comic movies too. Though I certainly won’t be complaining about comic book movies at any point. It did surprise me to read that other films rarely make a profit, despite the much smaller figures spent in creating them.

Mark Kermode must be having a terrible time sleeping of late?

So the acting industry had better work out something quick sharp before they sleepwalk over a cliff like so many leaders odd other industries have done, because the consequences were not given a thought at all, let alone a second one.

Morrissey bemoans acting elitism


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