Sorry about that title, trued to think of something funny to call this post.

I heard several things about the upcoming referendum over Scotland breaking away from the UK.

First off I have to ask myself what the hell Alex Salmond had done to prepare for being independent? He reacted badly, just think shocked fur a moment, to Scotland’s big companies stating they would relocate to England. He claims that the British Government have put them up to it?!

Are you for real Mr Salmond? You are aware that the Conservative Party would actually be better off in General Elections without half your population voting for Labour?! Funny how you used the word ‘desperation’ and yet your statement is the first one the smacks of it.

Another one was a brief bit in a Scottish household because a mother wad trying to tell her son how to think! He said he is British and age said no he is Scottish. Now bearing in mind we have beheadings being published online, a stubborn global financial crisis, household name businesses going busy every other month, paedophile rings going on for years at the BBC and in some Muslim groups and other scandals emerging with every passing week. So what did this woman state the reason for becoming an independent country?

“We are the forgotten country!”

In my mind I said “What the feck?!”

What utter rubbish. I wished someone had asked her “Forgotten by who?!” Andy Murray is Scottish and they let everyone know it. Hell James Bond had a Scottish parent from an author who was probably a Tory?! The last Bond film actually filmed in Scotland. Then there is the film The Last King of Scotland. Sean Connery is Scottish. Music group Simple Minds, Ewan McGregor …

I could go on and on.

Christ, come out with a good reason for voting how you want and badgering your own child for the love of God! I felt a bit sorry for her son because she was persistent.

I also thought of many other things too, like what happens to the money paid for by British taxes for buildings paid for the UK is forced out of? I can see that being another row? Splitting up the army and other things like Police, NHS and others. But the best one of all was something stated in the following BBC report.

I never thought of this myself, feeling rather stupid about it I have to admit but …

Europe are a bit edgy about Scotland pulling away from the UK for two reasons. One is they fear it will hurt the UK and therefore hurt Europe? But there is better …

They have not said it out loud or in any interviews, ergo of the record, but the very idea of Europe is uniting countries together, the Euro being a good example of this, and Scotland is going against what they have been working towards for donkeys years.

Now It never occurred to me to think of Europe this way not that Scotland was doing the opposite and this is why, probably, certain European politicians were dismissive about Scotland joining the Euro? Perhaps they will also think that after five years some daft Scots well get fed up of being the forgotten nation and hold another referendum for independence?

Obviously that woman could not give a toss about Basque, Catalonia, Luxembourg, San Marino, the Faroe Islands, Cornwall, Wales and any other tiny nations that never get a mention at all? Hell, let’s move out of Europe and circumvent the globe and I am sure there would be dozens of countries some that many never even heard of?

The forgotten nation? Lmao.

If your going to vote ‘yes’ then do it for the right reasons…

David Cameron is a twat..

The Tories are twats..

It took us a long time but we realised Tony Blair was a twat..

These would all be valid reasons in my book. However, I did hear of a very good reason and hope the report was based in a wider belief of the Scottish public and not just another reporter stating what he thinks?! Or putting words in their mouths.

I want things to go my way, the way I have been working towards fur a fair few years now. But I would like things done for the right reasons and done honestly. I do not believe bit agree with badgering people, misleading people or lying to people. That’s absolutely no foundation to build anything on.

This is kind of what I said about Alex Salmond previously … he just dues bit have the answers and instead lays claim to coercion, misleading quotes and even accusing the largest of Scotland’s companies to playing to David Cameron’s fiddle. You do not want him leading you up a path of darkness, not based on what I have seen and heard from him.

Now back to what I heard someone say in the media that the Scots were fed up with and I sincerely hope this is true …


Welfare Cuts

Bedroom Tax

I heard they were fed up with these things!

When I talk to people about this I hear many things. Some English get fed up with Scots disliking them and take it personally. Daft as this may be it is understandable when Scots in the media, Andy Murray I am naming you here, say derogatory things about the English. How could English people have done anything to you? In Andy Murray’s case it’s even more bizarre when you think of his adoring fans. I saw something similar in a film that was a true story about Scottish cyclist Orbree, can’t remember his first name, Charles? Anyway his team mate, trainer reacted badly and insinuated he was going to thump an Olympic committee member for being called English. Do that to a GP in England you well get labeled as violent and therefore mad, even when their inaction had caused you over a decade of pain, financial turmoil, misery and homelessness on seventh occasions! No in England anger is bit a rare thing and there are no possible excuses for venting anger and frustration even when the Doctors are caught out lying and falsifying test results.

But it’s perfectly OK to state you are going to punch a member of thy the IOC for being called English, hehehe.

The other problem you might have and I think my musings here have naturally led me to this point but I worry about bad blood. Nite at first I was concerned of this between Scots and English. Won’t affect me and I have had Scottish friends and I liked them, unless they turn out to be ones that hate English people for no good reason. But of late I am even worrying about bad blood between the Scottish public in which case the inky thing Alex Salmond would have succeeded in doing is split the people he claims to be servants of straight siren the middle and causing frictions. Yes many will not let the result affect them … but we all do know that there will always be that … let’s say element that well?!

Bad idea.

Wrong time.

Wrong words.

Not thought through.

No right answers.

No plan for the decades after independence.

Sometimes I think he just likes getting on TV and loves the attention?

I would not want to be Scottish right now and I feel sorry for them in all honesty. I also think that many will react wrongly over the result and just how that they remember it’s bad timing … really bad timing.

You can only blame one person for that, if you do not get your independence and you wanted it then it’s down to bad timing. Mr Salmond got it wrong. If you get independence and it all goes wrong them once again … have you guessed what it is yet?! Yup, bad timing.

If he wanted to do something to be remembered for I fear he may get what he wants but not for the reasons he thinks?!

Scotland’s vote weighs on Europe


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