This post is going to be about Fibromyalgia but well not be quite what you think.

Sometime ago I probably mentioned about someone I spoke to on the phone that had been told she had Fibromyalgia. In fact she told me that her Doctor said it was either Fibromyalgia or Lupus. You may remember reading about this on here but what I probably did not mention was that after awhile of asking her things her mind seemed to go blank. I had told her that for a Doctor to state Lupus in the same sentence as Fibromyalgia was a bit odd. I had seen quite literally dozens of Doctors over the years and many hospitals and never I’ve was Lupus ever mentioned. Of the many people I have now meet who suffer from Fibromyalgia and all the books and web pages I have read Lupus was never mentioned.

Some days later I saw a friend who had a friend who had Lupus and told her what this other lady told me. “She is talking crap” or actually a bit stronger than this.

This Lupus lady had met someone I know and age was out on the phone to me.

I never heard anymore other rush the fact that she fit her PIPs payments awarded and back payments to over £2′,000 too and I probably mentioned this on here and I did in letters to the DWP.

Just recent I was around the friend house when this lady inched on the door. My friend had told me that she stated to doubt there was anything wrong with her. When she came in she had two crutches and leaning on them heavily. I asked if she was the lady with Fibromyalgia and she said yes. She explained that she was tested fur Lupus and tested negative. I asked her where she gets her pains and this is what she said …

“In all my joints!”

I was immediately suspicious. So I asked her if she was taking Gabapentin and age said “No, I refused to trade it add it makes you fat!” Turns out she was not on Amitriptyline either and was on some drug which had nothing to do with Fibromyalgia at all. I then she’d her about the breast bone feeling, the feeling under your armpits, the pain on the outside of you shoulder joints and the temperature changes and her face went blank and her eyes glazed over.

After she left I turned to my friend and said “Sorry to have to break this to you but your friend does not have Fibromyalgia, in fact I very much doubt she had anything wrong with her at all!”

She laughed and said that she had suspected as much and just a few weeks before she got these joint pains she was perfectly fit and no walking aids. I said age probably got pressurised by the Job Centre and manufactured it but Fibromyalgia does not affect joints. My friend said that the lady said that she had a blood test for Fibromyalgia and it was positive?! I burst out laughing and said “What?! There is no test fur Fibromyalgia, she is most definitely bullshitting you!”

It turned out she had borrowed money of my friend she never got back and I was also told that she deleted me off her Facebook list because of things I was saying, which would be the blog posts. I am sure the word ‘shit’ was used? Lol. Saves me having to delete her and I should know better than to speak to anyone from that part of town! Even upon leaving it was discovered that someone they used to know was stabbed just up the road! Yup I am afraid it is indeed that kind of place. Gives me shudders just thinking about having to live there! Over my dead body would I ever live in a dive like that place.

The lady had also stated that she was given there drugs that were nearly as strong as morphine. I then said “Huh, well if she is they are not having any effect on her!”

I knew what it was she did not like. She thought I was just going to be someone else like the rest of the people where she lives. But nothing could be further from the truth. I told my friend that she realised from my Facebook posts that I was actually pretty smart and that I would soon realise she was full of bullshit. Obviously the manufacturing of an ailment was to obtain something or avoid something, wherever this maybe, and she dud bit why to risk it. After all anyone who knew her on Facebook who may themselves stayed something would have her number before very long because I am always mentioning things about Fibromyalgia. After all there is a never ending list off symptoms to Fibro and my own are long enough and I fail short of the complete list by around 80, yes eighty, of the 200 odd symptoms.

I also laughed at her excuse that one of the Fibromyalgia pills makes you fat. I said the idea was utterly ridiculous and that if you read the leaflets in these boxes they all have dozens of possibilities for side effects. If she was in as much pain as she was stating she was, you would not think about any side effects, you with wolf the pills down! Even going over the stated dose at times. I know because I never really ever liked pills and now I should sound like a baby’s rattle when I walk.

I currently am on Gabapentin again at 400mg per day, along with Amitriptyline at 30mg daily. I will up the Gabapentin slowly as I did before and hopefully on this second attempt they will not cause nausea that lasted all day every day like they did at 900mg daily? I will speak to the Doctor about the ceiling for Amitriptyline before it no longer has any effects too. We well see how that goes combing the two and if it fails to meet expectations, mine that is, I will see what this new Doctor says about Pregabalin?

The funny thing is that the best thing she came out with to my friend, not me as I would have let her have it, was “How can he cycle when he had Fibromyalgia?!” Lol, so I explained to my friend that the Doctor at Guy’s Hospital did state that if I was not already cycling he would have told me to start doing it. Anyone that knows anything about Fibromyalgia knows that it’s a battle on many fronts. Light but regular exercise along with diet can keep it from getting bad. So can pills. I do both. Not exactly rocket science now, is it?

I then pointed out that she stated she had to have physiotherapy but it’s rubbish, as is Physio. Most people I have spoken to all state that Physios exist mainly to help stop or put off diagnosis, proper treatment and the correct drugs. They also need to be sure she has got it and the Physio would need instructions on what exercises and how much from a specialist who had seen her.

As for people that manufacture illnesses … well the less said about them the better.

It’s funny as it’s the second time I have come across people whose version of what they have does not add up. Must be the latest trend?!


I have a few reveals coming that I have bit gotten around to that will have you scratching your head! More stupidity and incompetence along with some feigning the lack of grey matter. I nearly posted then up a couple of days back but my printer decided it was bit going to play nice any longer! Dud bit seen to recognise two of the five cartridges that have been installed in the device fur the last eight months or more? Yes an odd one that looks even more suspicious when I point out that I also had not installed the drivers after installing Windows 7 Ultimate so had just downloaded the latest ones! The software “failed to recognise the following cartridges [black][yellow], please use Epson cartridges” which it stated in a dialogue box that refused to close giving no option or button to close it, only a link to Epson’s web page to order the cartridges.

Epson stated in a response to an email that their software does not ‘look’ for non-Epson cartridges? Yeah Sony said something similar and I knew that was bull. Whether this is bull or not remains to be seen.


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