So David Cameron will be heartbroken if Scotland breaks away from the UK?

Funny as the Tory party had no problems with sticking the boot in, so to speak, to disabled people, mental health sufferers and the jobless. In fact I am sure there are a raft of others too.

I found it odd that the royal family become involved in this, whether it was something they did or said or not, add the case may be.

Now I am not going to include Alex Salmond, as I just have difficulty trusting him and I am good at these kind of things and I am sure his motives remain hidden? But I have wondered more and more about exactly what it is that have turned the people off to a United Kingdom? I could probably list a dozen things and it would be in there somewhere. But at the centre would be that they do not give a crap and only leap into action when it is realised that it will indeed boil over. Like someone said in the last few days, it’s too little too late.

What I also wondered about is that the knock on effects no one has since mentioned to my knowledge but if they vote for independence then surely the Scottish people would not take part in a General Election? Unless of course they do bit become independent for another five years or more?

I wonder whether they have witnessed the terrible, stupid and heartless things they have done and then cringing when the next day they will be handing over millions upon millions in aid or fit war when we are not supposed to have any cash?!

Now what I also find rather bizarre is that you would think the Conservative Party would be glad to see them go? You do not see why? Well I don’t think the Tories have ever won any elections in Scotland so surely without their votes contributing towards Labour the Conservatives might win more often than they have?

Bugger me, perish the thought!

It just all seems a bit strange to me and I would not want to be a Scot living in Scotland right now. It’s definitely uncharted seas they will sail in and I only hope that Alex Salmond dies not steer then towards a rocky coastline. One Scottish chap I know stated that despite NHS prescriptions being free that though it sounds good you cannot actually get a prescription most of the time?!

Not only was I really surprised to hear this but I kicked myself for not thinking of the possibility sooner!

No in all honesty I find the dash north for the three leaders somewhat strange. Why all go now and why all three at the same time? Almost as if someone had requested that they go and talk them out of it? I wonder who that might be then? Maybe someone who cannot be seen to do this themselves? Oddly I thought it was reported that this individual did state something about the seeking of independence of the Scots?

Sorry, was not really paying attention of late, few things deciding to play havoc either my issues or others banging on my doormat being stupid pathetic morons as usual.

Temperature is up and down too which is what, at least I hope, is knocking me sideways a little. Really hard to focus and prioritize things and things … slip through the gaps, so to speak.

Hmm now I just rendered there was something I have been trying to mention on here for weeks but kept forgetting … err … cannot remember but just remembered something else …

Leaders make Scotland ‘No’ vote plea http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-29136699


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