Oh dear, dear me.

I have run down Putin, I won’t call him president because he wad not voted into power, on many occasions on my posts on here. I do not like what he has been up to and if I am honest I always suspected there would be a great deal of trouble with him at some point down the line. A face off between Europe and Russia and maybe even America.

I never expected it to be quite so drastic, catastrophic and horrific which included mass murder through utter incompetence!

On top of this I also did not expect them to handle the mistake so incompetent too?! A little worried that when the media ask people on the street, Russians or East Ukrainians, about Putin they praise him for being a clever man and Politician?! Oh dear, I hope the wider Russian people are not that naive? I do not really think so and put it down to that one odd misguided individual. After all a nation of people that have the history they have with wars, tyrants, revolution and now a tyrant again, albeit stealthy tyrant, I can’t see them being fooled.

But it turns out that eye witnesses near the downed aircraft of flight mh217, think that is what the number was, described a particular type of ground to assure weapon that causes fragmentation damage. As it turns out the investigators had sheet realised that such a weapon was used. The Eastern Ukraine people also stated that the weapon was operated by men that had purely Russian accents and dressed in gear not used by either Ukraine or the rebels! Locals explained that the Russians pronounce the letter ‘G’ differently to them too and the men did. This weapon is apparently called a BAKS.

Ukraine does not possess such a thing and it was operated in rebel territory anyway.

This means that at the very least Russia supplied the weapon and taking the several local eye witnesses into account operated by Russians too!

Putin’s apparent response?

They do not possess this weapon either?! Must be the Germans then trying to take over Europe again?! Dumb-arse!

How is it that the only country that learnt from a war, when we are talking about World War 2, is the bloody Germans?! Lol. Possibly France too to a degree. France lost to Germany and then the Germans lost to the Americans, British and Russians. But Germany have never become involved in a war since then and France and as far add I know was only in one recently but was aiding an African country. Not sure if that counts?

Strange isn’t it? Maybe wining wars goes to their heads or something else is going on? They seem to become delusional and get stuck in every time there is trouble anywhere, leading to the labeling of World Police or trying to Police the world? I would say they thought themselves invincible but America lost the Vietnam war. Funny war that where the soldiers get blamed for the war and not the American government!

Mass delusions still occur today it seems.

When I observe people when I am out it never fails to amaze me, the things I see. Just today I am limping along and some people just fit of a bus in front of me. Now there are a few shops where the bus stops but nothing of note. I never glance at them but there is an oldish chemist, bookmakers, Morrison’s Local and something else. I hate it when people walk towards me and do not get out of the way. Certain … let’s say groups of people seen to have a device on wheels which does not aid walking or pain, lol, yet think they have right of way over everything and everyone else. This time I had to dodge several times add they seem to be starting at the shop Windows except there was nothing to see. The only shop worthy of glances would be Morrison’s having offers on but that store was to the left add they exited the bus but these people turned right towards me.

Many turned and saw me at the last moment and swerved out of my path. Except one of this particular group with the device on wheels and two children in tow! Not even a look of sorry or even regret add I had to step into the road while she was speaking loudly. Not sure if it was to get children or on the phone but I thought “they’re right there damn it!”

The point of that little anecdote is to show how everywhere I go people seen to me to be in a dream world. They seem to lack focus and do bit concentrate on things when they are out. It is for this reason that I avoid busy places or confines like the plague!

The other thing they seem to be doing is to be doing things slowly and it is almost add if at times like someone had hit the frame by frame button on the remote or a Match of the Day football show motion replay?

But then I am pretty sure that this, like so many other things, along with personality traits, that are down to my Fibromyalgia. For me it affects the two halves of me in ways that are poles apart! Issues in fact. It’s an awful tug of war that’s never ending and wears part of you down.

I think Putin must have Fibromyalgia because his brain and common sense are certainly poles apart?!


Russians ‘operated BUK’ in MH17 area http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-29109398


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