I see there was a very long march by a great many people to save the NHS?

The vat distance they marched was truly staggering and in all honesty … humbling.

The NHS has itself become sick and is now, in effect, the patient.

But you need to know what needs to be cut out to save the patient. In this instance it’s not just the saving of it. Indeed I believe in its present form it can’t be saved. However if they are aware of the rife corruption which is willingness to lie to protect their careers and therefore commit fraud, as at the end of the day this is what it is, then maybe someone can.

These rotten parts of the NHS are skiing to cancerous tumours and with any tumour it needs to be surgically removed. Over the next year I feel certain now that a series of cases along with proof will start to come out and get richer and faster.

Only then can the collection of surgeons perform the necessary cuts to bring the patient back from the brink of death.

Yes it was likely a long on the making plan to privatise the NHS but what must be ascertained is whether or not those that told lies were fully aware of why?

I don’t think that they was and in so doing put their future careers not only in jeopardy, through their incredible naivety, but aided the sounding of the death knell of the NHS.

The Tories have not learned a subdue thing from the Thatcher years. The public so not like being deceived and they are pretty pissed off its happening again and will likely be even more so once they take his much Tony Blair lied.

Everyone had made a mockery of democracy and it’s become ridiculous when you think how quickly they dictate to the rest of the world about democracy.

Or on other words we either don’t get what we voted someone in for or allow ourselves to become fools in waiting when we believe them on something that later turns out to be … well utter shite basically.

I wonder how small a turn out need to be before no one can be given a position of MP or Prime Minister?

Some have remarked to me that turn out well dwindle to nothing over the next five years and this for me to wondering.

Thousands end pro-NHS march in London


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