There I said it, they are plebs!

Tonight I was round a friend house who, it turned out, had been led to by the Police, again! He was given a name of a Policeman who was going to ring him with details of what steroids they had taken in apprehending someone and this they were going to take.

He got a call from someone completely different. That was yesterday.

Tonight he got a call from the same person that rang him yesterday while he was at my house, as he passed me heading home with shopping.

Now apparently it works something like this …

THE man they were … err supposedly after failed to turn up for his ball for the second time in a row. The Police’s way of handling this? Oh just give him a third date and hope he turns up for that! Now I was already aware of this attitude when he received a call tonight.

All of a sudden my friend raised his voice and was slightly angry as some Police Officers decided to back each other up and lie. I heard my friend say that he had not shouted at an officer on a previous occasion. I wondered why the feck this was so fecking important to the Police, what they never feel with anyone shouting?! Then I heard him say ‘no I was not shouting, you well know when I am shouting’ and I said ‘no you raised your voice in anger which is not illegal and everyone does it!’ which the officer heard.

Now I assumed that they were in the same room because my friend then said that the officer was ten feet away on the other side of the room. Then he said ‘Well even if it was four feet they would not be able to hear me!’ and I was then confused.

Then I listened to him ask one again, as I listened add he asked several times yesterday, why this man who had committed a crime and broke his ball conditions twice had not been picked up and why they had not even sent a picture to the Police Force where he lived!

I had heard this all before myself and when he fur of the phone he cleared up the confusion I had.

Now he was genuinely confused and angry that he had been told he had been shouting, not that it’s important anyway. Bear that in mind.

The accusation of him shouting came because he complained about a Police Officer putting the phone down on him. This was the second time this had happened to him by the same Police Force, I think it was, and the last time I had not only witnessed them putting the phone down on him but recorded it and posted it on here.

It took a mere moment before it hit me, the officer that had claimed they heard him shouting was referring to a phone call. Hence why the distance was only four feet.

Why had the raised voices come about? Because the Police Officer had accused my friend, by insinuation, of lying because he was complaining he had not been called by the person they claimed would call. She actually asked, after he insisted this was the case, that he could not possibly prove this. Now think about this for a moment while I tell you that he then proved it by stating what he had already told her …

Well if I was not told this how could I have given you both his name and Police number?

As far add I wad concerned he simply gave add good as he got but it’s the same as with sarcasm, anger, shouting and even violence …

It’s not OK unless the Police are doing it!

So after trying to get it through to her, err I think it was a ‘her’, she insinuated and he asked how he could know his full name and number. Her response?

“ARE you trying to say I am stupid?”

No he was not, but I fecking am!

I turned to my friend and said “Well she was!”

Idiots should never lie because they simply do not possess the intellect to get away with it. When she didn’t she put the phone down and her defence was to lie and say he was shouting at her.

Not only do I think he was perfectly within his rights to shout at the Officer had they stated this too me I would have lobbed a barrage of smart remarks in quick succession they would not forget in a hurry and I would certainly have been shouting after those statements.

I then told him that two people who write for newspapers were speaking the day before about the parents of the boy with a tumour. One of them turned round and said something along the lines of ..

“How is it that there are criminals that the Police should be locking up but manage to avoid it but a couple taking their son to southern Spain because they wanted a different type of treatment to that, that the NHS offered, get locked up within hours of them getting there?!”

Make no mistake that they were lobbing criticism at the Police and the hospital.

From the very moment I heard this I suspected something was awry and I immediately went into my suspicious mode knowing the NHS add I do. There is a terrible disease that had affected public services and they are not public services anymore.

I have since heard someone from the hospital insinuate that there was something about the parents that was suspicious but they could not possibly say dye to confidentiality?!

Oh that’s fecking convenient is it not toy prize twat! Funny how the Police failed to mention anything about this desire ask the criticism they have had directly out to them?

Don’t insinuate, that’s even worse than not stating what it is and even worse if it’s a lie. My money is on the latter because I have heard them lying to my face over and over again and Doctor after Doctor.

What I find inexcusable is that there ability to treat had been hampered but they do not care about that add long add they continue taking vast sums of money from the taxpayers coffers desire doing very little for it!

Now if your interested in saving money why have they not sacked, made redundant, scores of Doctors up and down the country and instead left them earning their hundreds of thousands of pounds each every year but having all the toys, medication drugs, treatments, scanners and many other things taken away?

Think about it, up and down the country Doctors, GP’s and Specialists have not been laid off despite all the cutbacks that have gone on? Why? To leave them in the job they would have to be able to perform a service? If not any accountant would tell you it’s idiocy to remove almost everything that would benefit patients but leave all the professionals in there being paid!

The numbers do not add up, even when you realise what I have done.

Well they can provide a service … to the DWP and Local Councils who can have total deniability because they use some other group of morons called Atos.

For me this was not only obvious bit could be proved ridiculously easy … by telling the DWP you had evidence of Atos lying. I did that and provided them with the proof.

If they were completely oblivious to the truth then Atos would be dropped immediately and I would have had what they took away reinstated. It never happened.

However if nothing else I am thorough and to the point that only blithering idiots and immoral people would not realise the truth. I then manipulated several surgeries and hospitals so that they ended up in a corner while helping me rule out the possibilities.

To my surprise and add starred on here this worked rather well and after a few dead ends I discovered Fibromyalgia and very rapidly realised that sections of the NHS were already aware previous to me that I had Fibromyalgia!!

However the first time anyone in the NHS stated to me I had Fibromyalgia was 6 months or more later and at Guy’s Hospital.

There is much more gravy. So professionals think they can get there fifty thousand to hundreds of thousands per year for ill treatment of people, lying and doing add little as possible?!

Still having doubts?

Well try the BBC report below were the Police have turned around and said that victims should solve crimes themselves?! Yes I kid you not!

Sorry Policeman plod, I am way, way, way ahead of you there!! Found a mountain of corruption, fraud, embezzlement and bare faced lying by … OH YEAH IT’S YOU!!

Oh yes and the DWP, Local Councils and the NHS too!

Huh, and while doing all that I discovered three terror cells and reported them to the proper authorities! Oh and what wad it I told two Detectives who were in my house for five hours while recording them who later lied to me on the phone while I was also recording them? Oh yeah I told them not to send WOODEN TOPS around to the property looking for promotion because if you get my daughter killed the same fate would befall them!

Everyone is in dire need is several slices of reality pie!

Solve crimes yourself, victims told


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