Well I did not need to read this report, Lol well very few reports really, about mental health being in the dark ages.

The NHS being done kind of works leader had been nothing short of a ruse for at least fifteen years and perhaps up to twenty or more.

If you are a world leader you do not have any reports like this one! The NHS due hour have one but dozens and dozens from as far north as Glasgow through Sheffield, Birmingham to London and now keep going south till you reach Southampton. Good knows how many stories I have forgotten along with those yet to emerge?

You see if your going to run things this way you need to all have very good memories and you need to view up the Internet …

Lol I wonder how many of the idiots have picked up the phone and asked David Cameron to call the military to blow up the Internet right after reading that last line?! Lmao!

This post refers to it as the dark ages but once again and yes, yet again the news media is fashionably late yet again! As I stated on here several times a local psychiatrist told me, or at least she was local, that she noticed many mental health patients complaining they had their disability refused out of the blue. Age then checked the entire system and discovered that not a single mental health sufferer registered with them received disability living allowance any longer!

That conversation was five years ago!

She knew the pitfalls to this as regards the patients up and down the country. I date day there have been dozens of incidents that have had their details buried? Kind of easy with the mental health community because no one rely wants to know or bother themselves with them. Or should I say not enough people and boo legal rights anymore because you need axes to legal representation to have any legal or indeed human rights.

So stating that they are in the dark ages is something of an understatement and then some and not only mental health people either.

I think certain … groups will soon need the very meaning of disability explained to them surfeit in such a way that renders them laid open and obvious to ask that they are lying cheating fraudsters who have probably side irreparable damage to thousands, hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of lives.

I am still in favour of an extreme punishment! Well they say when someone commits crimes time after time then the five thing is to treble the punishment?! That’s what they airways shove in your face.

So I am in favour of public flogging, better still burning at the stake! Lol. Well … it’s the only way I know to be sure it won’t happen again.

Well we are dealing with people that thinks laws and taxes only apply to others. Haha, yes sorry … blind, naive and incompetent people that think taxes and laws do not apply to them and only the little people.

Mental health care ‘in dark ages’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28851443


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