I just wanted to put on here that I have this is pain in my throat today from the moment I woke up. It’s like when you swallow a boiled sweet as a kid and whenever you swallow it hurts until it’s cleared your oesophagus.

Not experienced this before and I am wondering if this is down to my oesophogitis? Unfortunately it’s a symptom of oesophageal cancer and they had to check for that when I first started my involuntary vomiting over 7 years ago now.

Now onto the subject matter.

Well now that is more like it!

Now it’s coming out that the hospital may well have lied to the parents of that poor kid?!

Basically it transpires that they wanted a treatment that is not available on the NHS which would be less stressful on the boys body. As I know how these people work and their bosses I can assure you they panicked that it would go out to the media that they was refused the less invasive treatment and decided to call the Police and leak something to the press so that the parents would look guilty.

They obviously thought they had an angle due to their religion., being Jehovah’s Witnesses what with the refusal of blood transfusions by members. But that was a long time ago and those that bother me on my doorstep, not done that for over a year now, tell me they have changed a great deal?

I guess no one told Southampton General Hospital this?!


Oh and in case you missed it I am not religious.

I am sure a lot more will come out and remember I have already been witness to the NHS phoning their thugs for hire, the Police, to confront someone and help falsely label them and the details are on here. This guy learnt the hard way that my theories are not imagined. But then he never visited this blog to listen to the audio recordings I had posted of them lying.

‘No apology’ over Ashya King search


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