You know it’s quite funny this..I have long stated that I don’t blame the Scots for wanting out of the UK.

It sounds like there are some Neanderthals in Scotland after Jim Murphy, who I thought was a thoroughly nice chap, got pelted with eggs while doing a speech for a no vote to independence!


Jim Murphy says it’s a deliberate attempt to prevent him from speaking out against the ‘yes’ voters.

Now this is bloody odd for two things.

Firstly I forgot to mention what one person stated to me about Scotland, they would they would vote ‘yes’ because they are always wining about the English.

But if this is true then they will of course vote yes. It’s stupid mind you and I never thought I would see anyone on the UK behave the way that the Scots did towards one of their own. I think these that think like these hooligans are living in cloud cuckoo land for so many reasons it’s untrue!

To name a few grievances I have what they harp on about was a long time ago an and sounds a great deal like another faction that keeps on about slavery. In both cases this was not the English but in fact the monarchy, or aristocracy to be precise. Yeah I do love being tarred with the same brush and moaning minnies really need to get their facts right along with their history.  Secondly they really are wasting their time focusing on the English and need to grow up.

THE other thing that worries me regarding Jim Murphy’s egging is something that had crossed my mind several times but keep forgetting to mention. I do like to put these thoughts down in case they ever come out. Better now than to try and explain how I suspected this after it gets out?!

The campaign for independence is so badly planned out that I cannot help but wonder why this is and egret or not there is some selfish reason behind it? Is this driven by money or power or both? This awful planning is the reason why Alex Salmond had gotten such a panning by Alistair Darling. If I was a being man my money would have been on Mr Salmond wining both face offs by a country mile. It’s like someone suddenly see an opportunity to be had because of the financial crisis?

Like I said it had crossed my mind and what happened to Jim Murphy reminded me of this.

It also reminds me of something else I have thought a few times of late and that is that this is not a good advertisement for democracy! Sad but true!

Think about it, Scotland is only a small country with a small population and yet like so many other countries, like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and many others the people are being forced to divide in half! This is because the actions of those that wasn’t to destroy democracy because of their own selfish and egotistical nature revert to animal tendencies to get what they desire. Then act all civilised and show false concern when these things hit the news media. Primitive acts and thuggish behavior is more likely to do more harm than good for one side because the civilised people will not want to vote fur independence anymore fur a variety of reasons. One being they won’t want to vote the same way as such primitive apes. THE other being that if Alex Salmond and anyone he may be acting on behalf of are to act like this then anyone civilised won’t want them in charge of their country.

But then again I look at Britain and I see a problem with democracy because someone stated pigeon holing politicians into categories and I do not agree with this. In fact it had gone on fur so long that it’s become accepted. This, of course, is all this left and right rubbish and I bloody well hate it. Whenever anyone is in power they do not always behave to this stereotyping anyway! If they did you would not have things like party or backbench rebellions. Besides that for the last thirty five years no one could tell the difference anyway and this is why people are fed up with politics. It’s why no one, OK very few, votes. Indeed it is why I do not vote and it has also been accepted by the news media and taken for granted but they no longer have a clue about the people, country or politics anymore anyway. They well go on and on about party manifestos like it is supposed to mean something to the wider public. That pubic in which the majority do not vie because everything is just one mountain of lies.

In fact I would like to bet that the majority of those that do vie being to factions that have a vested interest in what they will get from those that they vote for?

So in actual fact what this therefore means is that those with a vested interest keep getting their own way because no one votes against them! Well that is how it was fit Tony Blair’s decade in power at any rate. THE vested interest is of course being able to continue to rip off the taxpayers money while gathering ever more people to do this too.

At some point in the future those moronic idiots belonging to groups like human rights are going to go down in history as the most naive human beings on Earth who single-handedly destroyed their own country through their own blind naivety and there will be no hands held out to them offering help and only then well they finally get it. A decade to late no doubt?!

Egged MP suspends campaign tour


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