Ah well now this is … interesting. Very interesting indeed.

It seems there is to be a legal challenge to GCHQ over their shopping tactics and I for one have been wondering where their loyalties actually lie in the last couple of years?

I think it stated that a group called Liberty is also involved in the legal challenge to?

It will be interesting to see the reasons provided and egret or not their loyalties well be revealed because I am not so sure where it lies anymore! Not just GCHQ either and due to the facts I have been reading about just about everywhere on the Internet regarding the paedophile ring I think they will find that the obvious answers to the questions of allegiances may also be called into question before very long?!

The world and the UK is changing faster than I can keep up and if I cannot keep up I am sure they cannot.

I am also sure that in time the questions to ones existence asking with financing well cine into question to?!

What with Scotland pulling away and Wales now considering it I am afraid to say that England are going to have to get used to the fact that it’s about to get a whole lot smaller and so should it’s ideas …and salaries!

Unless they do not care about bankrupting Brit…sorry England altogether that is?!

Low-key GCHQ protest under way


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