Those that are in power along with each and every person that wants to be in power need to get their acts together and grow some gonads!

I saw this BBC report tonight and thought it a perfect time to do a post about what are increasingly evil and selfish drugs companies.

I have stated before as well as whined that governments let companies get too big because they then become impossible to control. Then the morons think they can then call the shots but the shots called are outside the realms of reality.

Usually this is normally to do with IT companies and technology companies but there is another industry that already did this bloody years before anyone else and they never learned from their mistakes.

Oddly these companies bang on in support of capitalism but are the very people that end up bringing it to an end eventually through nothing more than stupidity because the more money they make the further from reality they end up.

These are the drug companies.

Of course one in particular is being investigated overseas and I am rather surprised it had taken this long fit someone to do that. Odd it happens to be a communist country?! Lol.

My own battles with the NHS have infuriated me on occasions and I am not afraid to show it to both the people that about me or on here. It dies not require a genius to know that the refusals are down to money and it annoys me even more that they think I am such an idiot that they simply cannot explain this along with the details, like how much they charge for the pills add the primary complaint. So the only people that get protected are the ones demanding an unreasonable amount of money for their drugs. Oh and those that stupidly protect then that is. Oh and the idiots that clear a drug fur one ailment but refuse to clear the drug for another condition that is fat, far worse and can with some suffers cause the same symptom as the first condition?!

This is only one example that I know of and if it sounds stupid and you do not believe this then I am afraid you are wrong!

The first condition is Narcolepsy.

The drug is Sodium oxybate.

The second condition is my own Fibromyalgia where there can be yo to two hundred symptoms. As Fibromyalgia is due to non-restorative sleep and can cause insomnia it is easy on many occasions to suddenly fall asleep during the waking hours. That one symptom is what Narcolepsy causes too, though I dare say it can be more often than Fibromyalgia, I simply do not know.

What I do also know is that each time I get a pain that is new I am likely to put it down to Fibromyalgia and not in a rush to have it checked? Especially when I know that the powers that be seem to think that the NHS existing to payout over inflated salaries is far more important than the lives it was created to save?!

They just managed to delude a whole sea of people that think their Doctorates in medicine trump all other subjects and people!

I am so sick of politicians behaving just like the Police and Councils have, in being too scared to go up against the accused because they are Muslims, in not going up against organisations that have top much money!

This is one of primary reasons that this country is in the living he’ll that it is, though the way that the government had behaved you would hardly think so.

However they have proved me correct because certain … organisations have approached Doctors and Nurses up and down the country to lie about the abilities of disabled people so that they could refuse them financial support! If this comes as a surprise to you then I can tell you that a nurse in Scotland blew that whistle some time ago and was on the front page of one of Scotland’s biggest tabloids, The Daily Record, over a year ago now!

What shocked me was the group of people targeted in saving money actually had feck all and the legal help to defend themselves did not exist anymore after quite conveniently being taken away several years ago. Makes you wonder then, does it not, that when they all acted shocked at the global financial crisis that this was indeed what it was? Acting?

Just in case you missed it I starred previously that I stated a bad recession was coming just after my father passed away, ten years ago. One family member can testify to that because we argued about my father’s house and I stated that it was coming.

Desire some thinking that I like to be cocky, gloat and blow my ow own … trombone, the fact is I simply cannot believe none of them saw it coming? Except the Prime Minister that actually bailed out suddenly to go and be paid for some odd career everyone laughs about shortly before the first signs started to appear.

So then they thought they could blame the jobless and disabled and use them to get Britain out of trouble and I stated long before this blog existed that it won’t work and was obvious to any mathematician that it would not work!

But, hey! They do not take notice of science advisors and have even fired them for refusing to falsify evidence so why would they take notice of mathematicians? Well that is if any of this experts with degrees and Doctorates actually saw it coming and said something? I think they must have done and I know at least one other person who foresee the crisis coming mentioned in the media. Don’t ask me who though! Lol.

You are gonna have to suck it up and go after these morons that live in the lands of make believe! Another Christmas is a few months away and give it six weeks from now and almost everyone is going to be worrying about what Christmas will be like and can they live through yet another crap one? Then your going to have a huge wave of people that will be having their first crap, I mean tough, Christmas and they will ask themselves one thing … ‘How the hell have people managed to go through more than one of these mistake Christmases?’

I went through around thirteen in case you were wondering. Bit going into that right now but many readers who have returned here enough times will realise exactly why this is.

A tricky bad and lengthy recession was not the only thing I foresaw that came to pass. Not by a long shot! Quite unfortunately. Those that do not know why this is will be left in little doubt by this weekend and of that I can assure you!

They are not miserable these days … a little lonely, lol, but not miserable and I hope this will be the case this Christmas while after this one I know for sure that they will be a rip roaring riot of a series of Christmases from there on in!

This is due to a little race between my daughter and me and around a year later than I thought it would be.

Better late than never!

Cancer drugs face NHS price squeeze


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