I am simply stunned at some of the things I am now hearing being said by people in the news.

Finally they are beginning to see the things that I seriously doubted they ever would, even thought of the possibility that they were influenced in some way not to?

They have now acknowledged that the Police are rotten at every stage of anything they do. I heard one chap say, Fraser Nelson I think it was, that the Police were first rude, then insulting, then refused to do anything and then came the cover up. This is, of course, only the Police!

Then there are the Local Councils!

Another thing that was stated that it is never going to be acceptable to have one person falling on their sword. Halle … bloody … leujah!!

I cannot help but think of something that was stated to me by someone local fighting Essex, or a Essex, Council. Having problems themselves with their Local Council they said that they were informed that the problem was that when Tony Blair was Prime Minister that he wanted so many children taken into care to make it look like he was doing something!

So you vie them into power and between lush parties and being flown around the world first class for functions that make no bloody difference, or do but make things worse, for the vast majority of us they are constantly thinking up tricks and cheats to keep them in the job!!


To think, the night he was voted in add Prime Minister I actually thought he would improve things but soon I was wondering why he kept being voted back in…Oh yeah, just remembered the opposition!

I now wonder how many councils an and Police forces well end up in the list of shame? Not too many I hope but I seriously doubt that will end up being the case.

Must try post up a couple more of the ‘A Series of Peculiar Events’ series. Plus the mystery post!

Early inspections over abuse scandal


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