Well this Rotherham paedophile ring continues to gather pace.

Now one person, err called Wright lol, had been called upon to leave his job by Theresa May and then Ed Miliband stated he would be kicked out of the Labour Party if he does not resign by the morning!


He resigned himself from the Labour Party and remained in his job.

Do I care? No. Do they media? Hell, yeah! Then when they are done and this one man had resigned the media will move on after pointing plenty of fingers none of pointing at themselves!

I told them of similar atrocities going on in Liverpool! Also the group there seem to have connections in Warrington, Manchester, Birmingham and the Chester area but not sure where exactly. Child sex was bit their only forte.

Tonight I witnessed two people, where I can mention at a later date add and when I need to, speaking and complaining about how stupid it had become that Councils and Police have refused to deal with this issue with rumors that the victims were labeled as whores?!

On this blog somewhere should be an audio of a shocking treatment by one Police Officer and me having to get him on the phone and be very … STERN with him! Now this is one example of a recording I have which I had forgotten about! It should be on here but May have slipped through my net which had big holes due to my Fibrofog?

Now I don’t care because first of I know how they all work and secondly and even in one area or one council it was bit the fault of one person. Secondly these two people that stated this in the media regarding how bad it was using political correctness had one suddenly say ‘oh it’s not just Pakistani Muslims with paedophile rings!’ with the other coming in ‘oh no, no ..’ and I thought ‘ What the feck?!?! You complain about them using political correctness add an excuse and then fecking state that after saying now it’s going on up and down the country?!’

Oh yes. I forgot that was mentioned that someone in the media said it was going on up and down the country?

Now wherever did they get that idea?!

Wright quits Labour but not PCC role

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