Well they took their sweet time with this one an and I had forgotten all about it, it had been that long and to my annoyance.

However this state of affairs with the exploitation of children around Rotherham is only the beginning! I only pray its only with the bare minimum of Local Councils?!

There is certainly evidence of this elsewhere and I had been horrified to become embroiled with this myself and actually pleaded with Wirral Council over this, the details of which will be punished collectively for the first in two years in the coming days in the post titled ‘A Series of Peculiar Events With the Councils’ though the weird ‘peculiar’ hardly does the situation justice.

I am only annoyed with myself that I failed to see years ago the depths that Local Government well go to, to cover up their mistakes. I could never forgive myself for doubting just how vile and evil these corporations, that is what they are, are!

Anyone who had come on here from time to time or even regularly but only in the last eighteen months are and doubted my explanations to how evil they all are should stay themselves.

In the next few days the peculiar series is going to get quite … descriptive, shocking and will prove an extreme eye opener to every single individual who is not of an extremely low IQ or callously evil.

That will be local council number two and along with a few others that show no compassion at all and therefore that atrocities are going on in their borough that they are blind to. You will not see the evil that men do when your evil and self obsessed and greedy for money. Sorry about that.

When done with you well be left knowing that these are not only not fit for purpose but have not been fit for purpose for a very long time and yet there rules about political correctness go beyond the ridiculous. If you doubt this now I assure you that it will only be brief. A week I would say at the outside!

‘1,400 children abused’ in Rotherham


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