Well I stated before that they would do this and I am surprised it had taken them so long.

A group in China have announced that they have developed an alternate operating system for the PC dye to recent events. The Chinese government has also banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers.

Odd that they would say Windows 8?

Now either older versions of Windows are easier to monitor or control or they are being naive in thinking that it is only lately they have been using Windows to spy on people so older versions are safe?

Now firstly I have to say that I simply do not believe for a moment that is the latter reason.

Second I also have to say that I am sick to death of updates and I am wondering now whether or not this is the death knell for these suspicious practices? I have long since stated that they appeared as suspicious to me a very long time ago and still are today. The tablet I use had half a dozen updates and yet I have not witnessed a single improvement in its use, quite the opposite in fact!

Hmm not run QuickOffice in awhile so maybe they improved that? Oh well what do you know? It has gone! Either they have removed it, I dare say many complained about it, or I removed it?

Nope, it is still on my phone so I guess I removed it from the tablet.

I digress.

So the Chinese have created an Operating System? No I wonder if this was done specifically for the Chinese government or whether or not they had a more global idea in mind? Is it based on Linux or completely new? I am interested in seeing some reviewing and testing of this system and see what the consensus of opinion is. For the time being I am interested to know if the creators have a global vision for it because if not it renders any reviews as pointless.

If they do then this could be a prime example of why the government and military should keep their big fecking noses out of things like IT and could price extremely costly for their own companies? Of course the Chinese could be taking part in a tit-for-tat game by placing their own spy software within the OS?

All this remains to be seen of course.

China plans new PC operating system


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