I had a letter from the NHS and PALS starting concern for my claims regarding the lying and falsification or tests and letters regarding appointment details.

I have to get around to posting that and a few other bits later this week.

I saw this report in the news praising the care a patient with Ebola received?

Do not know about you the readers but I thought what an odd thing to publish a report about? His treatment by the hospital nd p and his care was great? How odd. Why, is it usually fecking cheap the rest of the time?! Lol.

Now you might find it interesting that desire the fact my complaints are of Chase Farm Hospital and Guy’s Hospital, mainly Guy’s I contacted them about, yet the letter had Royal Free in its header?! It also completely fails to mention the Guy’s Hospital incident too?!

What I do not know is whether or not they issued the letter due to my series ‘A Series of Peculiar Events’ and the one on the NHS in particular or they just was very unlucky in sending it without realising I just posted almost all major NHS evidence in one post?

Just remembered to that I mentioned a global publisher but this was very recent and not sure they had enough time to get a letter of to me after I first mentioned them?

Maybe, maybe not.

Family praise Ebola patient’s care


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