Right now then!

I am knackered! That was … difficult and I am shuddering at the thought I still have a few posts in the series ‘A SERIES OF PECULIAR EVENTS ..’ to go!

I have to do another one on Ombudsman to make sure I have published at least 90% of that. Then there is The Police and there is one hell of a great deal wo that one too! Especially where recordings are concerned as just one recording alone broke into two unexpectedly and the entire thing was somewhere in the region of four or five hours!

The recording stopped a long way into it and I have no idea how much I missed but it really does not matter much! nevertheless I restarted the recording device telling the two detectives that I lost my Internet Connection and they completely failed to see what I was doing altogether?!

I remember thinking “feck! Its stopped and I have to get it started! I will make out I have to restart my Internet Connection and see if I get away with it! No, MAN! I am never going to get away with that! They are DETECTIVES! They are easily going to spot that I must be recording them?!”

I decided to go with my instinct that there were not … smart enough to spot the deliberate mistake and it worked!

I think I later worked out that iut had recorded 3.5 hours I think, could have been 2.5 hours, before it stopped and was something like an hour after I started it up again that they left?!

You simply cannot make any of my shit up!! LMFAO!

Anyhoo I also have to write a 1,500 to 2,000 page write up, kind of sent an essay to the global … brand, for each of the subjects in my post. Could have done it in a report typer format I guess and maybe if I had more time I could have done a far better job? I might have to anyway depending on what they say about what I sent them? If they like it ‘as is’ I will do the others in a similar way and just try to be mindful of the word count limit!

Yes so I think some of you might have picked up on my title as we here in Britain, even in the media, have refered to our own country as ‘Rip-Off Britain’! I can also tell you that English people are at a loss to understand why anyuone foreign would want to come here?! We are forever shaking our heads as its been in the dumps for years, they just talk it up to others around the world, and gotten a lot worse.

In fact there is a deliberate attempt to give anyone coming here a mountain of gold and help to deliberately anger the white British people? I have spoken about this subject previously and several times and will not go into it here. Just trust me when I state that coming to the UK is not the smartest idea in the world and most white English people want to desert their own country!

Hmm now there was something else I was getting ready to type about and its gone?! Only momentarily I hope?!

Oooh yes of course, yes despite being told that the could not use the posts from here due to a Terms of Service issue I want to get at down the line at some point I contniued to do these posts!

Because for a while and speaking with an online friend who thinks similarly and has suffered similarly I thought that with the number of people coming on here monthly, both old and new, instead of you all trying to convince friends of what you have read on here I can simply lay it all out in a short series?! This way you only need single link or two to show others! Trust me I KNOW what that is like and its not funny, not funny at all and over too long a time iut becomes extremely demoralising!

I started this blog to help others and not compound their issues! LOL!

Now I just made it easier for you to achieve! For those that read this too early and thinking ‘man! Where is the police stuff, man!’ in stoned fear, do not worry … they are all coming now!

Oh yes the title, yes well despite the sound bite of ‘Rip-Off Britain’ used heavily by the media I am afraid to say that this was in itself a grand scale understatement! Sorry to burst your bubbles on that one!

Oh and I have not fnished bursting bubbles just yet either!

Oh yes and if you have looked at any of the ‘A Series Of Peculiar Events’ posts and if you have been paying attention I did state many times they all had more than enough times and chgances to not only do the correct thing but to do their jobs properly!

I do not think there is a living breathing being with six brain cells or more that can argue otherwise and I have not finished showing the chances I have given them all just yet!

There are the Councils, Ombudsman, Police and one post with a whole assortment in there! Like HMRC errr … yeah some others, lol! I am always losing track and thank God for computers as I would have been sunk a very long time ago!


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