OK now the bailiffs because there are no audio recordings to search for!!

Back before I started recording I would rely solely on cunning to get the corrupt ones to hang themselves via documentation instead, like letters and emails!

Now then I have included all documentation I can find regarding this but the main things to note are that …

1 Was physically attacked and they admitted it in a letter but claimed that though it all started outside the house I lured them inside deliberately so that I could attack them, lose (I did attack them after they assaulted me and the LOST) and them let them walk away for over £4,000 of free stuff for £550 one item famously featured in What Mountain Bike Magazine mere months before they took it! A Litespeed Ocoee Titanium Mountain bike the frame alone worth over £1,000 second hand. The bike was MINT!!! When I say MINT I very much do mean MINT!! It was kept on a hanger with lights showing it off in my house!

2 I was told the entire five items sold for £735 and I had to drive them crazy for this and I later discovered they sold the bike at auction for £2,800 approximately alone! Oh yes I have an email from the people that actually built me the bike that state they know it sold for £2750?! Hmm now where is that?

3 Was intercepted by someone who first claimed that I was going to get a great deal of money and I had the best case they had ever seen who then vanished when I gave her the documentation along with the witness’ name and address?! Very, VERY BIZARRE!

4 The idiots never took the builders label off the bike!!

5 They took a GENUINE Omega Seamaster Watch worth over £700, a brand new award winning Samsung TV I just paid £1250 cash for after haggling the price down!!

7 They took a Panasonic BD-30 Blu-Ray player I only owned a few weeks because I had to wait for it to be released!! I.E. BRAND BLOODY NEW!

Ahh now I have managed to put as many pictures and documents as I can find into one folder and also included is an email chat with the shop that built the bike telling me they know where it was sold and how much the auction house sold it for!

Woohoo! Well that was what I thought at the time when I had several witnesses as well as documentation evidence of both the theft, taking above the fine amount is classed as burglary and yet though they knew this the bailiff, Justin Reeves, did not care.

Oh also not how one lot of documentation states and provides details to a second bailiff on the day?! There was no other bailiff!

There was a man with gloves on who said he was not a bailiff and he obviously refused to back up the bailiffs story and added the second bailiff.

Yet the report from an earlier date makes no mention of two bailiffs and only quotes that Jason Reeves attended the property.

So you figure out …

1 How the Community Legal Advice could not help me and stated that physical force is perfectly OK?

2 How Sheila Harding was unable to help

3 How everyone else I spoke to was not only unable to help but completely failed to see all the deliberate mistakes which stood out like a cherry an a Bakewell Tart?!

EDIT: Link to letter that was authored mainly by Sheila Harding and sent by me to Emma Fall and sevral times by post ad email … 


Payment for asking them to house me with my ailments a couple years earlier?! Lol … http://www.wuala.com/allnights/Evidence/Councils/Waltham%20Forest/CHousing,161004.doc/


First up: How many times I emailed Waltham Forest Council over this who just shrugged it OFF!

 If your going to be corrupt things then at fecking least have some intelligence, like TRY asking for all the original evidence and THEN lying about it! LMAO!

WForest Email 5 WForest Email 6 WForest Email 7 WForest Email 8 WForest Email 3 WForest Email 4 WForest Email 1 WForest Email 2 Sheila H 2 scan0001 scan0002 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005 scan0006 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 Sheila H 1 Litespeed WForest Council img029 img001 img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007 img008 img009 img010 img011 img012 img013 img014 img015 img016 img017 img018 img019 img020 img021 img022 img023 img024 img025 img026 img027 img028

EMAILS OF SALE OF BIKE FOR £2750, later turned out to be £2,800 but hardly matters.





Heales Litespeed Email Heales Tony Murray


SMALL PRINT: This is rushed and is at the request of a large global publisher that wants to publish the posts in a series where all is collected together, well as best I can, lol.

Oddly the request was for something I had been pondering the last few weeks and was planning to do when the weather cooled down, which it has now done!

REMEMBER I HAVE FIBROMYALGIA WHICH ALONG WITH A DOZEN AREAS OF PAIN I ALSO HAVE A BAD MEMORY SHORT TERM!! Something which, lying or incompetent or both, GPs have told me for ten years is because of the amount of pain I endure. I always knew this was wrong but they would not listen as they did not many things …

.. oh and you might want to see the last one when it comes to the NHS, GPs and Hospital Doctors lying!

Oh yeah and this council of the London Borough of Waltham Forest is just one out of four I and up cathing out, … errr to other London Boroughs, one Essex Council and umm … ooh yeah Wirral Council in the North West.



    • Ah I should correct that as it appears to me a recording .. very possibly and I did have an involvement with her which did not work out well .. a load of promises which ended up with some odd things said before she dropped herself in it.

    • It sounds like her and it sounds like the same shit she came out with.

      Sorry I could not listen to the recording on my laptop and did not read your question properly and misunderstood what you was asking, I apologise ..

      She put her name to a Bailiff Book and that was despite stating that the company was full of shit .. my witness disappeared off the face of the Earth and in all honesty I have moved onto much bigger targets than her.

      She did get in contact with me out of the blue .. seems my blog posts about her did the rounds and she emailed me threatening me with legal action and I told her in no uncertain terms to ‘knock yourself out’. Of course no legal action was started because I did not lie.

      She was recommended to me via the Community Action Group website but she turned out to be both unprofessional and dishonest and as I said my witness vanished never to he heard of again by the people who put me contact with him or myself. Theory is he was paid off and want to live in Thailand.

      I am a moral person and would have have advised as many people as I can, even been called a modern day Robin Hood .. but people like her? I find them skin crawlingly disgusting to be honest and are a black mark of evil on society.

      It does not surprise me at all that yet another person has come forward with black tales about her. I came across several forums all with her as the main subject material.

      Please tell me she is still not operating?!

      Funny how some vampires never seem to get caught or reprimanded or even jail, is it not?!

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