Well yes.

But this extremely lengthy and convoluted account of that which drives us is simply the long method for explaining that mankind’s needs are not merely or singularly fuel to sustain us but that or greatest enemy and no one more aware of this than I am, is boredom!

Whether these are teenagers loitering about noisily with a six pack of beer or an astrophysicist studying grains from a space prove that had returned with smallest of particles from interstellar space that were created by a star other than our own, it is relieving boredom.

Many years ago, hmm about twenty or so, I had just such a conversation with someone who was a neighbour who I affectionately called Troublesome Trevor. This was because his symptoms of bipolar freaked out a few neighbours a few times.

A very intelligent man but also someone with a very sad history as well as condition.

After several hours chatting and around 3am in the morning he turned and said ‘Your … not from around here are you?’ before pointing out that my knowledge and ability to understand and see things she what they are he had not come across previously. I told him ‘no, your quite right I am not’ I then explained that I was born in West Middlesex, grew up in East London but spent large amounts of time in both Brighton on the south coast and the North West. This was later followed by the West Country.

Not quite as far as I would have liked to have spent time by several thousand miles .. but the best laid plans and all that.

Are we suffering from consumption?


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