Well I remarked about this announcement regarding punishment of GP Surgeries.

I have stated before and I state once again I find this report not only preposterous but a complete sham.

Through my own endeavours I know that the things that General Practitioners and Hospital Doctors ate doing when it comes to falsifying test results and lying to patients come from much higher up.
So who exactly is going to enforce these punishments?!

It is completely astonishing that this report would come out at this time. I do not see it as any threat to my own endeavours, no not at all. My own publishing, mainly my audio recordings, speak for themselves as do my theories along with my predictions. In fact I do find it a really bad attempt to try and put a cloak over everything that had gone on and find it astonishing for them to even think of coming up with something so terribly bad and so feeble an attempt to convince the public that they ask behave with honour and obey the oaths they took.


I wool be watching to see who they are going to force to … walk the plank, so to speak?

I have quite a few recordings of very deliberate lying, the falsifying of tests and attempts to falsely label me several times to hide what they did our indeed did not do!

What better evidence can anyone give for a whole series of Doctors doing very bad things.

Failing GP practices face closure


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