Funny this one!

I noticed that the Internet, or rather my computer, seemed extremely, no not a little but extremely, slow this morning! I met a friend today and he had the same thing and I told him something was going on because I noticed an extreme show down.

Even typing test out on a part on here earlier today and I had to wait several seconds for a single letter to appear?!

It was both mad and bad and I thought maybe something somewhere was … down?

I saw this report tonight and I found it hilarious what someone starred was everyone’s idea of the Internet being the futuristic thing comparable to a certain famously named Starship! Of so they mean just about every documentary whereby the Internet gets mentioned then?! So all documentaries have been wrong?

Or much more accurately is that instead of just future proofing the Internet they are just patching it up on the cheap with milk bottle tops and cellotape? Yeah will a lot of companies have been receiving monthly figures of £15 upwards for something that is in actual fact free?!

Oh what idiots we are too think that they could have the money to be so forward in their thinking?!

Maybe next time they might give some thought before opening said mouths? Lol.

The steps taken have been, I did not read any more than the fact that is had to do with data sizes on something, from 128k to 256k and currently 512k. Anyone see the problem here? No? I’ll wait while you get a calculator, lol!

Today the world population is expanding and it is becoming the norm, as it is in the UK, for everyone to have a mobile phone between the ages of 12 and 16. So how long do you think it will last I’d they simply up the hardware to a 1024k, or more accurately 1MB? Yes 1024k is equal to 1MB, sorry but it’s a binary system and you know what they say? 

There are I0 types of people in the world, those that get binary and this that don’t! Lol!

For those that did not get that joke 0I is one and IO is two! You only have ones and zeros, hence binary. One in the right most place is one. Second is two and then each place doubles so it’s then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on and so forth. Eventually you get to 1024.

In the early days it was easier to address data this way because it’s grabbed in chunks. Efficiency was the key was back when. Now it’s madness to think where we are now! When I was at University studying fur my BSc Single Honours in Applied Computing I had fellow students tell me that I would never use the 4.5GB Hard Drive, yea hard drive, in my new computer! That was around 1998! I turned and looked at them in which when I realised they were not joking! I then asked them if they understood at all why it was hiatus to be told that one of Bill Gates’ two most famous statements were that no home user would ever require more than 600k, a little over 0.5MB, yes half, of main memory?! Yes he stated that. That was 4.5GB Hard Drive and yet right now my new machine has three, two at 256GB and one, which requires the same added as a mirror array … umm think seemless back up, at 2,000GB. Or commonly known as 2TB, or Terabytes.

Puts those statements by computer science students into perspective does it not? Lol!

To be fair I have wondered if I actually needed a drive at 2TB and thought about purchasing a 1TB. I am not one for having high definition movies and prefer physical Blu-Ray discs! But then I Keir remembering those students making that silky statement and then spotted a 2TB drive on the cheap at £50 and impulse purchased!

I was faced with that dilemma because I have owned a 2TB External drive for two years I paid £65 for two years or more so in Comet. Maplin were charging close to £100 for something I bought two years ago due £65! So I had difficulties with doing that. Despite the drive but being my preferred Western Digital manufacturer it was Seagate and these are the top two for me. Yes there is the Samsung Spinpoint, Hitachi Deskstar and others but I know nothing of their reliability and I am a sucker for computer parts that are well made and reliable.

That is also why I prefer to build my own computers too as I can feel at ease knowing I have used the best there is and aesthetically I can design a pleasing looking box too.

Ooh I digress.

Well a little insight into my knowledge into computers but other than blogging and writing the odd letter I have been away from for far too long, add one friend I bumped into a few months ago complained about, lol.

I thought I would have it finished a couple of weeks ago at the latest but it’s taken somewhat longer than I envisioned! I had planned … albeit loosely to have something new to give the blog a greater … depth, at its two year anniversary which is merely days away? But I am still a few weeks away from acquiring the item required to do what I want. Still we will get there eventually, lol.

I am going to have to be quite inventive which will mean sitting down and … planning things ahead of doing them.

Data jams as net hardware bug bites


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