Been trying to hear more about Yadezi Muslims due to a … file I had on one of them, is so the file claims, but the individual was nothing of the kind!

I saw a reference to to them in a report as seen as devil worshippers to others, in the region that is?

There was talk in the media of some rescue attempt due to teens of thousands of people stuck on a mountain? Well as it turns out the rescue attempt is off and at least partly because there were far fewer people than they first feared?!

Or maybe that should read that the media,_or part of the news media at least, blew it out of proportion in the pursuit of sensationalism?!


I literally just did not know whether to shake my head at what I heard and instead just managed nothing more than squinting my eyes. ‘Far fewer than feared’?! Well how did they come by this gargantuan make believe figure? Someone, somewhere must have put a figure out with plenty of naughts on the end of it?

It beggars belief at times it really does.

Fresh strikes follow Gaza truce deal


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