After the shock of a school being bombed and the weird scenario of the Isrealis being warned that the school was being used by the United Nations now I see this weird report!

By an Arabic Group, no less, it’s a game about firing rockets into Israel and they have banned them. But is simply banning them enough?! No! Culprits and inhuman behaviour is found on both sides of this fight.

It is in essence a warzone. You can hardly choose specifically what you hit especially when one side is so obsessed with starting the war and then holding its own women and children in the way of the retaliatory missiles?!

Yes Israel has the greater weapons and of course your going to use these in a war. Your not going to choose ones weaker than the opposing side now are you? If someone pulls a knife on me I am not going to pull out a pea-shooter!

They simply and write unbelievably think that if they make Israel look bad enough everyone will kick them out or nuke them?! They are deluded and mad quite obviously. The only alternative is that they get handouts or some other benefits from the outside world or the United Nations?

We live in a world where we are fed only half the story when it’s plain to see there is another site to it!

I am not defending Israel, not by a long shot. I have stated before what their failures are and I am not the only one as many people have been poking fun at them and their ways for sometime now. Done of the best and most recent ones being found in the incredibly funny Seth Macfarlane comedies Family Guy and American Dad. Even if it is only insinuation I found I roared with laughter at them even so!

Oddly enough it is likely that many of the issues in America, including ones that are compounding issue in the UK, could be Jewish people obsessed with money and power?

There was singeing stated in the media recently about this but I affinity cannot recall what it was? Something about the Jewish Community in America and something to do with Israel?

I don’t think Gaza is particularly big as land and countries go, yet every single missile that hits it fired by Israel always seems to miss these crazy and hateful militants of Hama in Gaza?! Yes funny that, far bigger missiles in a much smaller area and they always miss.

One other thing to keep in mind that I hope the international community are just as hard on Hamas when their own rockets become big enough and powerful enough to take out a Jewish school?

Sometimes I just feel it seems to be the politically correct thing to do or even the fashionable thing to do because the blame is always one sided? Maybe it’s just me but that is how it seems. Neither side is blame free and neither would give a hoot about any other country in difficulties. That last statement is something you would hear quite commonly from the man in the street.

Or if you ask them if either faction would help Britain in a crisis would they stop and help? I think ninety percent of the time the answer would be no?

Yet we ate bombarded with what is going on over there in the media and hearing about kids being killed in a school is not going to stop this from happening. It is just a reminder of just how screwed up this works is over ideals that are simply preposterous and I am sorry but if your going to go round wanting to kill everyone that says that about your religion then your not going to survive and will just become extinct in the end.

You are far too small and you don’t have the tools or the technology not do you have the numbers. There are far too many nations and people for you to take on and that’s when your not fighting each other that is!

It’s simply stunning that in the 21st century that a race of people, or certain countries, the people are just so far behind everyone else on so many things and there answer is to wipe everything else out that is not advanced than you are!

Maybe one day they will realise that murder, violence and bombs is not the way to go.

In the meantime those creators of the games, ‘games’ that is a joke, should be kicked up for inciting further violence and deaths!

It must surely be illegal? Surely to God?!

Then again nothing would surprise me these days and neither would inaction! But then like one crazed radical Muslim who I was tracking who had done dastardly plans told some petiole in a public house … ‘ You British are stupid! You know nothing!’ which unfortunately for him was true of the people at the table, one a EDL member, but the father of a young girl also sitting at the table was anything but.

That is course was yours truly!

Google pulls more Gaza-Israel games


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