I found this Homeopathic site, sorry but I very much doubt Homeopathy would be of any help at all with this when 90% of the drugs I have had do not work! Lol!

Interesting to note is how Fibromyalgia is stated to be very varied from patient to patient. But then as I have written about before there are in the region of 200 symptoms listed and I think this could be more. Because its a scrambled pain signal and this means that just about any symptom can be … mimicked.

I myself have pains that are the opposite of Plantar fasciitis in that the symptoms become worse with use and not better. This is an extremely horrible and debilitating condition to have from day one and one Rheumatologist told me that he felt sorry for me and that people simply will not understand or accept how bad this is. He went on to point out that the pains are to do with the bottoms of my feet and that as soon as I get out of bed I am on my feet and like this until I go to bed! Then there are sudden stabbing pains in arches and metatarsalgia in left foot. Middle toe on right foot likes to play silly buggers and lock up?! It also has an inverted joint in that it can bend backwards and not downwards and it bends backwards during the process of it locking up. Collapsing to the floor and waking up screaming and losing the ability to speak is how it affects you. God I hope too many people do not have that one?! Scared the crap out of several people in the middle of the night that one!

Oh did that turn out to be so very true indeed!

Then there are my ankles, calf muscle lock-ups, knees (thought right is possible torn meniscus but definitely something separate and not listened to that damned tape … STILL).

Thighs became a problem lately with intense aching now stopped after taking Gabapentin 300mg, Sertraline 50mg and Amiptriptyline 25mg last night.

Then its the hips which lock up or just ache sometimes when out.

Then there is the entire back though mostly mid and top half of back.

Shoulders freeze up and get very sore of carrying shoulder bag.

Neck. Plus aching in right hand.

That is the painful areas of FMS I hate the most!

then there are the distracting and irritable things like a itchy eyebrow on my right side that bugs me like crazy at night. Restless Legs and Arms Syndrome which I do have control of I just have to avoid caffeine but thats not as easy as it sounds. I have noticed that 90% of the drinks in a store all contain caffeine and this shocking includes Lucozade! One drink I love I have to avoid along with Coke, Dr Pepper, Red Bull and all similar energy drinks like my beloved Monster!

What your left with is water, yerrr not paying for water thanks, and the natural and promoted as good for you drinks with one with Blueberries in and I should be drinking twice daily costing two pounds bloody fifty for less than 330ml?!

I do love Root Beer but hardly anyone does it, store in the Town Centre does a nice one called A&W I think it was and used aged Vanilla but only store I know that sells it and its a quid a can.

Leaving the 100 plus symptoms of Fibromyalgia alone there is of course my newly diagnosed, still do not know what it is, right knee problem.

Leaving that alone there is the pain in my right groin which aches as it did today and probably because everything else was having a good day due to the pills.

Then there is the Hemorrhoids and as I pointed out I suspected a link between Varicose Veins, which is what Hemorrhoids are but no Doctor ever mentioned this! I have varicose veins on right leg been there over twenty years! Now I have one that cause the pain you get when your kicked in the gonads because that is where it is! The last year I have been catching myself a lot more often and thought I was getting clumsy?! Noticed it more recently and then noticed a lump too! Got moaned at because I FORGOT to mention it to the nurse at my new surgery! Doctors visit two days later and it turned out to be varicose veins once again that caused the lump! Go figure!

Then you can add to that severe heartburn that has you cease up wherever it strikes and if I am cycling I have to stop! You might see me cycle by using just one hand while the other rubs my chest as I contort my torso into all manner of shapes? If I have forgotten my ant-acids, I take PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor in mornings), you may see me cursing and swearing to myself?! Lol.

A Proton Pump Inhibitor slows down the gland that makes stomach acid. Your not supposed to take them for very long but I have taken mine around twenty plus years!

I think that is all and the Plantar fasciitis pains go back thirteen years but clicking ankles, hip locking, back issues and go back much further and some of them over twenty years!

So you could say I spent over ten years asking a Doctor to deal with symptoms or just informing them of symptoms after the event on a number of occasions for over a decade and then bugging them about these symptoms on a regular basis for over another decade!

I am still having to bug them today!!

I really do pity anyone who has my symptoms and more and I would not really know how they had coped if they had these a long time. I think though mine were made worse by the constant inept Doctors I came into contact with and the not knowing? Over twenty years of symptoms and not knowing and then over ten years of driving them crazy and still not knowing, lol. It isa a long time to not know and plenty of time to des5tro

I often wondered how in the world I was going to get all these things diagnosed and dealt with when they were not dealing with the ones I had asked them to?! Little did I realize that 90% of them would be one and the same condition?!

Now some more quotes and links …

Homeopathy and FMS 
As we have seen, FMS is a condition which can present in many different ways. Every patient with FMS has their own story, their own constellation of symptoms, their own trigger factors, their own way of coping with the illness. In this kind of situation, the homeo­pathic approach comes into its own, allowing for the individualisation of a remedy or medicine to match the fea­tures displayed by the patient.



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