Oh well I just fond this little umm … webpage, lol.

An interesting article on Fibromyalgia and from a newspaper known to be Tory?! I quite simply do not believe it!! LMAO!

‘Often GPs treat patients’ symptoms separately, rather than looking at them as a group and realising they indicate fibromyalgia. And because these symptoms aren’t life-threatening and the patient isn’t turning green, they are seen as a malingerer.’

 ‘It’s a vicious circle; severe pain causes insomnia which in turn denies the body the chance to heal properly.’

Living with the pain was something that Maria was not prepared to do.

‘I found a quote on a fibromyalgia forum that said you need to attack the condition head-on,’ she says. ‘So after consulting my GP, I cut out wheat, alcohol, dairy products, potatoes and refined sugars – anything that I found made my pain worse.’


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