Well here is a little list of quotes and links concerning Sertraline and Fibromyalgia but I cannot find anything concrete on the use of it and any positive effects….

Now I am off to check out Sodium oxybate links!

I have been on Sertraline for around 2 years. However, it was a few months after this that the extreme fibromyalgia symptons developed. – Anem72

I never attached any link between the fibromyalgia symptons and sertraline – Anem72

I was suddenly taking 8 tramadol a day – Anem72

In Jan a rheumatologist added pregablin, after that amytriptaline. 8 weeks ago I was at my wits end and very ill. I was restless (that is really awful when you can’t move!), had a blistery rash, insides burning, IBS out of control, insomnia making me desperate, totally confused, memory worse than ever, falling over, dizzy upon standing or moving, nauseus all the time, constant headache, hot and cold sweats, severe itching. – Anem72

My GP gave me 7 days of temazepam to get some sleep as I was climbing walls. I still have 3 left and I’ve slept for at least 5 hours every night! – Anem72

The above quotes can be found here …

Someone calling themselves Anem has interesting things to say about being given the wrong drugs, crap ones like me that includes Sertraline, and that they just made the symptoms worse!!

A little chat of several people on a Fibromyalgia site and Sertraline, does not appear to have much of an effect, except for the one that states it has helped their anxiety levels…

Another interesting page …

I agreed to be on a smaller dose of the Toprol. It has actually helped alot. If my heart rate stays low when I’m anxious, it keeps me from getting even more anxious…… that has helped alot.

This page also mentions dental problems and some having to have the dental hygienists go at their teeth, which I was told by my current dentist is not covered by the NHS! Oops!

Quote about Pregabalin being approved by US’ FDA for use in Fibromyalgia …

On June 21, 2007, Lyrica (pregabalin capsules CV) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of fibromyalgia. The approval of Lyrica was long-awaited because it’s the first medicine that is FDA-approved to treat fibromyalgia. More fibromyalgia drugs are in development. Doctors also treat fibromyalgia with a variety of drugs developed and approved for other purposes. Below are some of the most commonly used categories of fibromyalgia medications. In 2008, Cymbalta was FDA-approved to treat fibromyalgia.


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