Well now there is a title and a half!

In the last three decades who would have tight that the word vandalism could be applied to the American government straight from the House of Representatives?! Not me!!

But below is a BBC Report stating that Wikipedia has had to ban the IP address at the House Of Representatives due to these acts of vandalism!

Sorry arsewipes but defacing is defacing you bloody half wits! Digital or brick the end result is the same but I guess you think laws do not apply to toy while you bully you way into greater global prettier while cladding it’s fire national security and your public when really it is corruptionists espionage dressed up in lies. Dog shite is still dog shite even when you smother it in Roses it will still … WHIFF!

I don’t know, maybe it is just me but it now send like I have been watching the start of a train wreck in American starting and continuing in slow motion?!

They have so many things happening at the same time and it’s hard to keep track! First off there is Samsung being fibbed fit something that from start to finish, beginning to end and top to bottom was all American! The creation, I still day Apple created Jack, and even the copying or infringements, Google’s Android OS but Samsung made to pay a huge fine?! Yeah right, that stinks to high heaven I am afraid.

Hmm now what else? Well you have the anti trust things going on with Microsoft too! A number of UK public services are on the verge of collapse and believe me if they are run by the same outfit, say Serco for instance and American, them a bloody great quagmire is going to open up and cover the horizon?! You see if fur arguments sake that one outfit runs several and they have run one into the ground, the National Health Service, but not others, like the Police and Local Councils then you have a while melting pot about to boil over! I have known this fur awhile but I did not know if one stood out as looking t definitely fail. I made a mistake with the tabloid as it was not The Daily Star as I previously quoted but that NHS story was in The Sun tabloid.

Now if the NHS is going to face collapse your going to have a division of health professionals with one side being this that one they were misinforming the public and those that did bout know the corruption was going on. Then your going to have several groups of pissed of people worried about their jobs! They will also turn in each other and go running to the tabloids and TV News, who provably won’t listen because someone had paid them not to?!

Then they will ask themselves, if they have any intelligence why it is that the company running the NHS ran it into the ground but did bit so this with the local Councils or the Police Forces?!

Hmm quite how could you get the greatest of these three so very wrong?! The only one with saving was deliberately run into the ground?!


Well Serco, of it is you or someone else I can promise you that you won’t make any more money from your endeavours because I striving believe that the British People simply won’t stand for it! Not on single solitary inch! In fact I think this will be the catalyst of it all going to pot and the idiots in owe well have their names forever etched as chumps of society who sleep walled the British public into the most turbulent times in several decades and maybe much longer?!

My good God I would bit want to be them fur all the tea in China?! Imagine being rendered fur something like that? For being remembered for getting it so won’t, causing a terrible unrest and being remembered with comical caricatures for hundreds of years?! Several generations of descendants works have to hide using different surnames praying to God no one at Deed Poll sells then out?!

Having an intelligent mind and the ability to foresee worse case scenarios that I can steer people towards or away from really is everything!

Wikipedia blocks US Congress edits


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