Well most of it has been somewhat hush-hush and behind closed doors but now the attacks against Microsoft are about to get nasty.

Say isn’t that Leaping Lizard about to buy a basketball team?!

Anyway American agencies may be in the beginnings of being shown what happens when your a bunch of think you know it alls but actually know jack shite?

The last thing Microsoft need right now is a number of huge companies, governments and God knows how many groups of individuals suing them! I got they have not got their claws into the best operating system they think will go global? Well it may well go global but not in offices or governments! Gamers maybe with Steam OS. Ooh wonder if Apple’s OSX had anything to hide?!

The trouble with the American military and agencies is they might say otherwise but their obsessed on global power that looks almost like the want to rule it all?! They just refuse to give in and blind to the fact that they are seen by more and more people as behaving very twisted and even heading towards something akin to pre-World War 2 Germany!

Meanwhile the report below is regards China launching an anti trust price against Microsoft.

I am still waiting for my complimentary pack from them and I got they did boy mislead me add I won’t be nice to their customer services department and deliberately not filled in their survey because their services have not completed what they claimed!

It was a real pain in the arse and their web forms for providing the date they wanted were amateurish and just have been blind drunk and stoned when they did it?! I lost count of the number of times I waved my fists?! Wanting absolutely stupid answers that would be impossible to know in many situations! I won’t bother next time.

Microsoft in China anti-trust probe


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