Well that is strange …

Not given it much thought since I left comments about using Tea Tree Oil on skin conditions for someone with Fibromyalgia and then being unfairly reprimanded, comments edited, told I was wrong when I was right and then had them leave stupid comments to make me look like I had said racist and sexist things.

I reacted angrily to these comments as any sane and innocent person would and I even let them have it privately by some died twonk who spoke down to me by saying he had to edit several posts!

I pointed out that they were wrong, censoring me and so go against freedom of speech and also there moderators claims about the neurological drugs were also wrong and I asked then if they were deliberately misinforming British patients, fur the NHS of course as the alternative was that the person making the claim had been lied to and believed it.

One could only reach the conclusion that this had to be a GP putting someone off a newer and far more expensive drug by stating that the old crappy one was the newer drug?

Only they can tell you the answers to that one.

I have not given this much thought, like I stated, and I have not been in there and nor have I been told I am banned either?!

Now you would think that being banned then the common decent and courteous thing to do is to inform the person?

So I still get emails from HealthUnlocked but not been on there to see. I will because as I told them I was highly suspicious of their knee jerk behaviour and misinformation fur a charity that is supposed to be there to support people with my affliction.

I contacted the charity directly too to complain of their behaviour and their misinforming suffers. Hey?! Maybe they were mislead by the NHS too? Should have dinner their research thoroughly the way that I did and have always done …

Just the other day I spoke to two friends about what I say and what I post and told them off this … charity. I stated that I simply had to make sure that my claims were correct and that I did my research. I pointed out that if my posts were full of inaccuracies and errors the only person that will look like a complete idiot … is me!

This is also true, for me anyway, of my guesses, estimates and predictions!

I simply believe, for example, that petiole do not trust government or authorities anymore and we will not get out of our financial difficulties until they do believe them.

I believe that this that like to carry on this way forced or just encouraged to do so by owners of big businesses who foolishly believe it is they that makes the works go around. This is what I see as prolonging it.

I also see the tricks, lies and fraud of the public is being revealed bit by bit and this just keeps us, the public, way down in the darkness of distrust.

With every single month that goes by they only serve to prove me correct. Fools! The next quarterly figures are now guaranteed to be less than impressive and then we have the the month run to to Christmas.

A brother text me and asked me what hard drive company to look for to buy a new hard drive. He asked if Seagate was OK and I said yes but that I had nearly always bought Western Digital, outside of laptops that is which had just one, and bit had one fail. I read the rest late and he was pleased and said they ended up buying a WD. In a phone conversation I said that I could no longer guarantee him a retailer that would sell him new goods! He laughed in agreement and I said only Maplin is left but they were expensive but maybe this is why? Maybe there things are new and hence the higher premiums?!

Anyway I will check to see if they booted me off FibroAction and if so … well I already prepared a report fur the Charities Commission who are the body you contact over complaints about charities.

Now corruption in charities I know nothing about but as it is rife in nearly almost all public services and their associated ombudsman, currently being proved extremely well by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman along with many others befit them, there is a watch function on here! Lol!

So no I cannot give you any assurances whatsoever abut the Charities Commission either!

Everyone is doing many illegal things fur money while choosing lives much of the time and there is no one around actually doing any proper policing whatsoever!

That, after all, is why this blog exists!


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