I ponder to the posts to this blog.

It has been a while since I was philosophical or indeed poetic!

Many things offer up distractions of late not least of all the heat, humidity and … odd soaking from the craziest rainfall I have ever seen the destroyed my watch and damaged the old phone I use fur Internet tethering!

I can put it off not much longer and need to unlock my Moto G and place my Three sim in that phone for Internet tethering.

In the meantime I just add up that of link and from time to time a rant though no rent this time around. More surprise than anything else because many things are done without consulting the public. For too long now too! I have known for some time now that the excuses to do things behind closed doors or ignore the public until hundreds of thousands get feed up and start marching … and marching … and marching with plenty of protesting albeit too little too late. Normally by this time whatever reason things were decided upon have already been achieved if only for the most part.

Ed Milliband now seems to think the exact same thing?! Astonishing!

I don’t like the Media’s view that he is not … what was it? Hard enough? Oh yes because so many others have dinner such a great job?! Hard enough fur what exactly? I love these their away statements without explanation … plain stupid!

Or maybe they mean lie to the nation and keep a straight face?

The world had long since changed and still keeps changing with each day and each week. Politics has remained stick in the same old misleading lying crap since the 70’s.

Even with the arrival of the Internet and Social Media they have not changed a single thing and totally ignored The Internet!

This was a mistake I warned many about for years. I don’t know the reasons but it was obvious that Internet media moguls would get larger and more powerful than politicians. Probably filled politicians the world over into doing them favours so that they could gradually take over? Stupid.

Only reason anyone wants favours it’s too get an edge. Only reason anyone gives favours to these petiole is to acquire a short term gain!

No one has any honour about them anymore and I have searched long and hard in the media to see someone come who is honourable and interested in more than just himself.

Singer do have signs of having this ability and Ed Milliband just showed that he did! Just showed that he did mind you! He dues appear to be someone straight laced and not one to be bought off or swapping favours! Dues not seen to be hero bent in power nor obsessed with as much cash as he can lay his hands on?!

Ed Miliband calls for public PMQs


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