I saw an interesting documentary was seen tonight, regarding big businesses and how they thought they had a right to your money!

The programme was called ‘The Men That Made Us Spend’ and believe me it does tell it how it is and how the most professional people have falling victim to it.

More importantly it explains and prices two simple things …

1 Credit Cards were bought in to fire us into spending more money than we were and …

2 We have been manipulated due decades using kids as a blueprint

I realised that no matter what they have it’s never enough!! EVER!!

Surprisingly I saw a face that I had not seen for years and wondered if my eyes and memory were deceiving me? I saw a man sitting in an armchair speaking to the man who was hosting the documentary and thought … ‘Err why does his dude look like Peter Molyneux?’

He was the head of a software genes company years ago behind, if I remember correctly, Magic Carpet and others like Black and White. Now I am sure there were one or two much more famous titles but .. well my mind is a blank!! Lol!

Still it basically explained what everyone really thought all along in that everything that has been fine yo until this point has been done to coerce us into posing with money because they want it. No matter how much they have or how little you have they still want more! In fact what was interesting was that two British people who came up with a day online game of virtual poets, Neopets or something like that, stated that the biggest names wanted to get in with them and cover their creation with their own name?! McDonalds, who I see have an advert out about sponsoring such children and their families, that made me want to vomit, managed to get pictures of their products appearing in the games or labour of love. What gets me is they want to take things over in time and are never happy with what they get no matter what.

In fact the attitude is in games with all the money flying around is that if you’re using theirs then your not using their rivals! This was why the Steam Client was such a terrible, terrible idea in PC Gaming when it was released. It was obvious it was going to be a right royal pain in the arse. It was out long before broadband was available to everyone, technically it still is not unless games companies can kick the arses of the mobile telecoms companies yo their fecking greedy arses!

In fact that is the drive today, we have become so obsessed with ambition and per that every single company wants to be the only one and will stop at nothing to be that. Because than you cannot do away and they do not have to treat you with any decency or respect!

This is likely why those standing on the outside see us as corrupt because they see it and we ourselves are so obsessed with becoming them and our own tiny bubbles of our own worlds of selfish wants and desires that we are blind or don’t care.

Those on the outside looking in do care, however.

So we become blinded with work as we are barraged everyday by either finishes or organisations trying to talk us out of cash or setting traps during the daily modern lives we are forced to live to force us out of cash.

Add these in to when we do want something it is either used our refurbished gone tines out of ten and suddenly what our wage package tells us with all those digits student seems worthless?!

As on that things you cannot escape paying or receive refurbished goods for like mortgages, rents, fuel and food bills and suddenly I looks like we are only earning a tenth or more if we are lucky than it actually states on the wage packet?!

Clever trick, ingenious. A shame it was sent up by someone or a group of people who are inherently evil and amoral! Yup, a crying shame.

£1.4 Trillion is what the British Public currently owe on their credit cards apparently?!

One point four TRILLION?!?!

Do you know I think America just became one big giant Pyramid Scheme at some point and when the public cottoned on and it was made illegal those twats already had their money and not felt they had done Good given right to continue. Same applies to the health lot. But for some time we have been invaded by Americans who are not allowed to practice their crap in America anymore. I have attended tasks whereby American firms talk to the British public like they are fecking infantile idiots and talk like their plan is gold! It’s a turd no matter which way you polish it a turd is still a turd no matter how shiny it appears.

You know some people just should not be allowed to much money?! There should be a common sense and sympathy for others test, lol.

To much power and to much money and if I asked anyone to provide a few examples of where this was not used and abused you would be hard pressed to find one!

If one thing is certain of late is that depravity seems to appear to be everywhere. In the UK and if you are in the outside looking in I an tell you that as well as the names of the offending celebrities everyone knows and it stands to reason there are a lot more. Funky enough this that have been prosecuted or sent to prison were those of the last amount of money and are starting to appear to be nothing more than tokenism for the British public, because the British public can always be rented upon to be both fickle and self obsessed and befit long their focus wanders to something else because they are happy that the ones forced into their own days kicking and screaming is enough?! The attitude is that ‘something was done’ now move to the next thing!

I now see that this is the attitude of the people that is preyed upon by those with depraved wants and desires. A search regarding these depraved acts on the Internet will show some extremely interesting, eye brow raising and shocking names!

When I first read about them and commented on them I did so because this seem to be the belief of the wider public obviously being kept out of the mainstream news. I had trouble believing it, thigh certain … individuals did seem to have very odd … lifestyles and also done that were attached our close to them in some way … ultimately suffered as a result that applying the theories of many conspiracy theorists to suddenly makes a great deal of sense! So much so that you have to put the news media in the dock and accuse them as being just as guilty as those that commit these acts.

Guilty of crimes that would make the phone hacking look like a walk in the park and bugger all in comparison!

I am most afraid to report!

It feels … invasive and all encompassing and one now winners where it will end? When will anything ever be enough for these companies?

More to the point are those that help to hide these crimes and as an example Members of Parliament and many … let’s say organisations like to misguided and misinform. Everywhere there is a cover up! Everywhere! I would like these perpetrators of these cover ups to all at once spend an hour in a room with me alone. Good help them should they every do so!

First off I would ask them if they were parents and if so did they Kobe their children and think they were good parents? Then I would ask if they could look their children in their faces after doing what they did?? Do they teach their children to be kind, honest and decent towards others while children but then expect them to enter the twisted, depraved and corrupt works that their parents lived in and exercise then to do the same? Or perhaps they explained to them while still children how the real world worked and what they would have to do when older?! Or did they just expect them to make that one with degree turn without batting an eyelid?

If they wanted to themselves be involved with running the country would you expect them to do all the same things? Turn a blind eye because someone had more money or otter than you do? If so then why works you do that? Do you expect to be rewarded financially or otherwise at some point?

If for money then what did you expect to do with all if that money? The more petiole that have more money than others then the freed is infectious and the bigger the prices become. Thus then had this with money requiring ever more money than others to continue to acquire these luxuries?!

To me this is seen is primitive and lacking in character or intelligence and a life based merely in materialistic things.

Or to put it in a much more finer point all the wing petiole have all the money and it’s being wasted! The progression of the human race is suffering and also technology has fur sine decades being hindered and held back wire deliberately by the military to and thus had been a poweder keg of trouble waiting to have it’s rich paper lit!

All because some brain dead twats for into power and see their views as being correct and themselves as being right all the time! When things look a bit pear shaped then out comes the needle and thread to patch it up for a bit longer.

Right now we have now has a change in reports in the media and suddenly the UK is doing OK again and this has changed the times in as many weeks!! Hmm or is .. it … days?! I cannot recall! But then this is another reason I stated my blog because I can have some mad sounding insights and predictions that 6 months or a year down the road suddenly do but not quite so mad anymore?!

They also always manage to find some obscure company somewhere to say on camera that things have radically altered and they are currently flying?! Funny that! Bet that took awhile? Let’s see if this still remains the case when the General Election comes around in 2015? Something tells me that this will end up spelling the end for the current … coalition, if you could even for a moment call it that?! Do not think the British Public will every bit into a coalition every again?!



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