Not really too familiar with this story but have heard of it before!

A prime example of how failure, inaction and excuses can cause a death and do not think fur one moment this this is a single case, oh no. This violinist was found dead and was failed by the mental health services and she went be the only one with mental health to have paid a series price for their failures! Rest assured on that one!

However it must also be stressed that this is not confined to mental health either as the failure is like a virus and us right throughout the NHS and Local Councils and they have long since known it! In fact they designed it! Carried out based on those below them being self obsessed with money and careers, or just plain old fears. The fear would be only a tiny fraction, as in the 100% I have come across corruption within the NHS fear has not occurred to me with anyone. Naivety with one who then realised and then announced immediate retirement, yes. Fear, no.

Of course it must be stated that it is not confined to the health service either! You think of an organisation being pain by the taxpayer and it’s rotten, even the Police! Though hire many Police Forces remains to be seen and this that are guilty …

Well whatever it is you want to check, or indeed have suspicions over our even think you have been bent over a barrel by …

Their is a search field and I am very good at … TAGGING! So knock yourselves out!

Violinist ‘failed’ in abuse trial


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